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4.9 earthquake strikes near site of Japan’s ancient super-volcano

August 29, 2011 Comments off

Anytime a moderate earthquake strikes near a super-volcano, we take note. A 4.9 magnitude earthquake has struck south of the ancient super-volcanic Aira Caldera located in Kyushu, Japan. Aira Caldera (ja:姶良カルデラ Aira-Karudera) is a gigantic volcanic caldera in the south of the island of Kyūshū, Japan. According to geologists, the caldera was believed to have been created by a massive super eruption about 22,000 years ago. Eruption of voluminous pyroclastic flows accompanied the formation of the 17 × 23 km-wide Aira caldera, at the eruption 22,000 years ago. Together with a large pumice fall, these amounted to more than 400 km3 of tephra which classified the eruption as VEI 7, which is next to the highest force on the Volcano Explosivity Index. The Sakurajima volcano is situated within the Aira caldera and is one of the most active volcanoes in Japan. A strombolian eruption or lava bomb explosion occurred at Sakurajima and may be related to the earthquake. –The Extinction Protocol

A single volcano plumes out more pollution than all of the fossil fuel powered vehicles, and the so-called pollution factories such as the old steel mills that made America strong in its hay day. If mankind followed natures cycles, volcanoes would not produce something contrary to mankind’s needs. What is considered as pollution to the present day structure of Society on earth would be beneficial, because it is part of the natural cycle. But mankind has altered its path from the original Divine Plan. 

Magma plume report: A barometer of the planet indicates earth changes are accelerating

August 9, 2011 Comments off

The most frequent question I’m asked is how much time do we have left before something major occurs? Not long, as you’ll shortly see. I included this map in my book so everyone could know that magma plumes are the planet’s geologic thermal dissipative features and as such, they are an early-warning sign that entropic processes are accelerating and magma levels are rising uniformly across the planet. Let’s start with Indonesia’s 18 volcanoes that are now on alert and showing above-normal activity- Because of the Java and Coral Sea plumes, we can expect growing unrest from the Merapi Sundoro Dieng volcanic complex, the Taboro, the Gunung Ranakah and Sirung volcanic complex which comprises about 28 volcanic cones. The Canary Island magma plume is also igniting the El Hierro earthquake swarm which has seen more than 750 quakes over a three-week period. The recent spike in volcanic activity at Mount Etna and Stromboli can similarly be attributed to activity at the Etna plume. The rivers of lava that have flowed from the Kilauea volcano, along with the uptick in tremors, including the 3.2 earthquake in July, are indications the Hawaii plume is similarly agitated. We have also seen recent earthquakes off the coast of Oregon from Juan de Fuca, quakes in France from the potential activation of Eifel, and volcanic stirrings in Iceland. There was also a 4.9 earthquake at 10 km just south of Easter Island today. From what we see now, the time-clock that is behind many of these geologic changes appears to be accelerating. That said, Yellowstone is one of the most dangerous plumes on the planet but since its past historical eruptions are said to be linked to movement of the North American tectonic plate across the caldera; I have theorized that this could be a latter-stage event in these earth-changes since thermal forces, themselves, accelerate tectonic plate movements and increase earthquake and volcanic activity.  –The Extinction Protocol

Father, just as She killed off all land dwelling life during the global flood in past time has now extended Her bowls of wrath to destroy not only land or surface dwelling life forms, but also that which is in the seas of this planet. All that you view is tainted by Dawn Lucifer’s vile hand of sin. The plant life. The rock formations. The very water, the foods, and each breath of air you each consume on a daily basis is impure in Father’s eyes. This is because the entire world has become impure with the imprint Dawn Lucifer Satan the Devil has placed upon Father’s works brought forth by Michael the Archangel from olden times. Because of this branding of Satan’s imprint upon the creation he coveted without rightful ownership, it must all be destroyed. This world is not only beyond mankind’s and Dawn Lucifer’s repair, it is also like a person with terminal cancer. The dying process of what is upon this planet earth cannot be halted. The earth itself will endure forever, but everything upon and within this planet is slated for destruction.

Magma plume activity: Etna experiences seventh eruption in 2011

August 1, 2011 Comments off

The Mount Etna volcano on the southern Italian island of Sicily erupted this weekend spewing ash and volcanic debris more than 300 metres into the air and sending lava down its slopes. This is the seventh time that Mount Etna has erupted in 2011. The weekend eruption was the fourth and largest in July. The last eruption occurred on 19 July. Italian officials had since said the 11,000-foot-tall volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, had calmed down after more than two weeks of activity.  Residents in surrounding areas had been warned however, that the Sicilian volcano might have fallen back into a short-lived slumber and another “active phase may just be around the corner.” Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and is in an almost constant state of activity. On  12-13 January 2011 lava expulsion occurred from the vent on the east flank of Etna’s Southeast Crater cone, lasting more than 1.5 hours. Italian Authorities were forced to temporarily close airports for a couple of hours while the ash cloud cleared. – Irish Weather On-line

Revelation 9:18 “A third of the human race was killed by these three plagues—by the fire, the smoke, and the sulfur that came from their mouths.”

A third of the human race is slated for destruction during this tribulation period. They die from three plagues. Fire, its smoke, and sulfur. The fire comes forth from volcanic activity. The sulfur is spewed forth from the volcanoes that will soon take their toll on a third of mankind by causing three unified plagues in the form of fire, toxic smoke, and heated sulfur.

Father entered the core of this planet with Her presence during the time this ministry had begun. Her purpose was to heat the core so that the planet would be aided in the cycle that has been taking place with carbon emissions. To heat the core to the point that it must spew forth its heated lava from all of the volcanoes on this planet. When this occurs, many will curse God because they will know Father has abandoned the human race. But fear not, Father has not forgotten Her remnant of faithful servants. However, it will be a severe test on all that reside on this planet. The volcanoes beneath the oceans and boiling the waters in the lower depths in preparation for the cataclysmic event that will be in unison with the other volcanoes around the globe.

Sinkhole Opens Up in Guatamala Beneath Woman’s Bed

July 21, 2011 1 comment

Here’s something you never want to hear: “That loud booming sound is coming from inside the house!”

That’s what one Inocenta Hernandez from Guatemala City learned after a sudden noise caused her to run outside, thinking there had been an explosion nearby. When she realized the problem was inside her home, she returned to find a gaping, three feet wide, 40 feet deep sinkhole beneath her bed.

Hernandez, 65, was relieved that the damage was only to her house, and hadn’t harmed her grandchildren, who had been playing near the bed. This was a little too close to home, but she couldn’t have been too surprised that a sinkhole had visited her city.

Guatemala City is prone to spawning giant pits, which are often caused by tropical rain storms. Sinkholes are natural depressions in the earth that can range anywhere from a few feet to hundreds of acres wide, and measure a shallow foot to 100 feet deep.

Another view of the sink hole (Johan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Images)

A massive chasm opened up in Guatemala City back in May 2010; it swallowed up whole buildings and an intersection. No deaths were blamed on the almost perfect cylindrical crater, though. – Yahoo News

Can the oceans stand the amounts of molten lava that is moving up towards the seabeds through the fractures already created and will spew forth into the seas? We shall see.

Do you think Satan’s scientists can figure out a way to remedy a volatile internal earth? I think not. The abuse of the earth with past atomic tests coupled with Yahweh’s own hand upon the internal core is going to rattle civilization to the core. The scientists worry about being struck by a large asteroid, but should be more worried about what is brewing beneath their feet.

Job 14:17-19 (Holman Christian Standard Bible) “My rebellion would be sealed up in a bag,and You would cover over my iniquity. But as a mountain collapses and crumbles and a rock is dislodged from its place, as water wears away stones and torrents wash away the soil from the land, so You destroy a man’s hope.”

The “hope” is for the remnant, not this rebellious dying world, where some cling to nothing but “Jesus will save me if only I believe what the preachers tickle my ears with.” They are receiving what they have bargained for by following Satan’s lead and scoffing at Yahweh’s Divine Counsel in Her Word by listening to the blind leaders that claim to know the Truth but have proved false to the Power of our Grand Creator.

New Series of Quakes Between Messina and Mount Etna

July 7, 2011 Comments off

Palermo – An uncountable series of quakes have been recorded in Sicily. The strongest one had a magnitude of 3.1 and was recorded in the province of Messina, along the northern coast of Sicily that has been subjected to a persisting series of seismic events in the last few weeks. The quake was detected 3:01 am at a depth of a little more than 8 km. In the same area, a lighter 2.3 magnitude quake was recorded at 1:58 at approximately the same depth. Source

Revelation 9:18 “A third of the human race was killed by these three plagues—by the fire, the smoke, and the sulfur that came from their mouths.”

A third of the human race is slated for destruction during this tribulation period. They die from three plagues. Fire, its smoke, and sulfur. The fire comes forth from volcanic activity. The sulfur is spewed forth from the volcanoes that will soon take their toll on a third of mankind by causing three unified plagues in the form of fire, toxic smoke, and heated sulfur.


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