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Subsea Volcanic Eruption Underway Near El Hierro (The Canary Islands)

October 10, 2011 Comments off

Those that perished at the great flood drowned, but this time, it is going to be a burn off for those left behind. After the nations are crushed, Yahweh is going to make certain nothing and no one survives.

The earth is about to become barren as Yahweh prepares it for a complete change after the great earthquake. All of Satan’s footprint will be decimated and removed.

A submarine volcanic eruption is taking place approximately 5 kilometres off the southern coast of El Hierro, the smallest of The Canary Islands.

The Mayor of La Frontera (El Hierro), David Cabrera, confirmed in an interview on Radio iron Garoé that ‘underwater eruption’ is taking place about 900 metres beneath the sea surface five kilometres south of La Restinga. The eruption has been ongoing for four hours, the Mayor said.

Spanish newspaper quoted the Minister of emergencies of the Cabildo of El Hierro, Maria of Carmen Morales, as saying the eruption is taking place because ‘the seismic movement of 4.3 occurred on Saturday afternoon caused a fissure, from where the energy is been released’. Scientists remain unclear if the emissions are gas or lava.

A meeting of PEVOLCA – Actualidad Volcánica de Canarias, comprising representatives of Instituto Geografico Nacional (IGN) and The Canary Islands Government, took place on the Spanish Island. In a statement issued shortly before 4 p.m. local time, the IGN stated (translated from spanish language press release): “…although there is no certainty that at the moment is producing an underwater volcanic eruption, since the last morning there has been a release of fluids and volcanic gas on the southern coast of the island.”

“Scientists from IGN have reported to the direction of the Plan all the indicators that have been analyzed to point towards the possibility of the beginning of an eruptive process that has changed the type of waves that have registered seismographs in the last hours, implying the beginning of emission of gases or lava…”

“The helicopter of the emergency and rescue of the Government of the Canary Islands (GES) group has done reconnaissance flights during the morning without exit of volcanic material to the surface.”

“Although this activity is not exposed to, the direction of the PEVOLCA encourages people to perform their usual tasks normally and to remain attentive to any unusual activity”, the statement added.

Meanwhile, La Agencia Estatal (CSIC) scientists equipped with special detection cameras have been making numerous sorties over coastal areas of El Hierro in an attempt to verify the existence and scale of the underwater eruption. This is Spain’s first volcanic eruption since 1971 when the erupted of the Teneguía volcano  on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands), located to the north of El Hierro.

Initial reports of the eruption were received from crews on board four separate ships. On Monday afternoon, Terra Noticias/Agencia EFE reported that an eruption occurred 2000 metres below sea level in the Las Calmas sea at 10.43 local time (05:43 EDT).  Spanish newspaper El Mundo placed the depth of the eruption at 13oo metres.

The eruption takes place amidst an unprecedented earthquake swarm in El Hierro. The number of earthquakes recorded since July 17, 2011 on El Hierro has now exceeded 10,000. - Irish Weather Online

Massive undersea volcanic eruption found off Oregon Coast

August 9, 2011 Comments off

Oregon State University scientists say they’ve discovered an eruption of an undersea volcano about 250 miles off the Oregon Coast. The April 6 eruption produced a lava flow at least 1.2 miles wide, scientists say, and there were hundreds of tiny earthquakes during the eruption. The volcano, named Axial Seamount, last erupted in 1998, and the team of OSU scientists forecasted it would erupt again before 2014. Oregon State scientists say this marks the first-ever successful forecast of an undersea volcano. The new eruption was discovered July 28 when scientists used a robot to find a new lava flow on the seafloor that was not present a year ago. Because only a handful of the earthquakes were detected from land, scientists did not initially believe there was an eruption. Bill Chadwick, an OSU geologist, says the team of scientists thought they were in the wrong place because the seafloor looked so different. “We couldn’t find our markers or monitoring instruments or other distinctive features on the bottom,” he says. “Once we figured out that an eruption had happened, we were pretty excited.” When they recovered seafloor instruments and recorders, the scientists learned the volcanic eruption took place April 6. “So far, it is hard to tell the full scope of the eruption because we discovered it near the end of the expedition,” Chadwick says. “But it looks like it might be at least three times bigger than the 1998 eruption.” –Fox 12 News

Father’s bowls of wrath filled gloom are only a sign of a much darker fog that will soon engulf this entire world of all living things left behind. Just as the Angel of Death came in a fog upon Egypt and executed all of the first born children that were not worthy of salvation, so to shall that fog of destruction destroy an entire world of Satan’s children. And just as Father destroyed the animal life and all other living things that resided on the surface of this world long ago, but later spawned new animal life to replenish what was lost in that flood, She will again repopulate this planet with all that was lost, including not only the animal kingdom, but also every desirable plant and tree you could imagine. This will remove the stain of Dawn Lucifer’s transgression against Her and Her creation. And Father will Bring Her remnant forth to a new home that no longer has the imprint of Dawn Lucifer’s sinful conduct upon it. Each will be taught The Way that harmonizes with Father’s will. Since Dawn Lucifer’s imprint will be removed, each must stand on their own merit after learning and acceptance of following The Way. When Satan and his demons are again reanimated to try and revert the renovated earth and its inhabitants back to sinful conduct, Father will again salvage a remnant from those that remain faithful under the final test of the originator of sinful conduct.


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