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Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Are all these unidentified crafts of demonic origin? Some sightings are demons grouped together while others are the USA testing out highly advanced mechanical spacecraft that work in a similar fashion. Yes, there… Continue reading

Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Update: The contingent force of LOZ assigned to defeat the EJCF (Eternity’s Joint Command Force) has been defeated. The EJCF has set up an base of operation in an old command post of… Continue reading

UFO reports: 24th September – 1st October 2011

The below are just a small portion of all the UFO sightings occurring all over the world. The Lions of Zion have air supremacy. Yahweh offered surrender as an option to the nations.… Continue reading

Latest UFO Sightings from Around the World

Triangle UFO formation over Quezon City, Philippines 20-Sep-2011 Bright objects or orbs were seen and recorded flying over Novaliches, northern half of the Quezon City, the former capital and the most populous city… Continue reading

UFO Sightings Up 100% In Past 6 Weeks

According to an organization that tracks UFO reports, this summer has been an especially busy period for UFO sightings. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) noted that sightings increased over the past six weeks,… Continue reading

Reports of ‘glowing object’ flying across Arizona sky

PHOENIX – Many residents around Arizona have reported seeing a “glowing object” fly across the night sky Wednesday. Some experts believe it was either a fireball or a bright meteor. ABC15 started getting reports… Continue reading

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Uploaded by ChristiannaGarrett1 on Sep 10, 2011 http://www.earthcam.com/usa/newyork/skyline/ Uploaded by 2012300 on Sep 10, 2011 It’s the same type of UFO that occurred in the island of Haiti three years ago in the summer, flying low over the island.… Continue reading

Recent UFO Sightings

      Rendlesham UFO – same past Joint Command type of craft now in the hands of the LOZ will soon make a new appearance. This time it will not be so… Continue reading

Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Uploaded by Sheilaaliens on Sep 4, 2011 crazyness!! thru and thru. Get a load of this Chicago sports news article: ‘Long, weird day for Irish’ ” At kickoff, the heat index at Notre Dame Stadium was… Continue reading

Video Compilation of Recent UFO Sightings during Hurricane Irene

We’ve been telling you who was behind Hurricane Irene and why, and now we present you to you the evidence: August 27, 2011 New York City, NY, USA A group of UFO formations… Continue reading

Should UFOs be Taken Seriously?

Uploaded by UFOsAndAlienLife on Aug 25, 2011 August 25, 2011 A UFO sighting in China restarts the debate about whether there is other life out in the universe.   Any “aliens” that spread… Continue reading

Latest UFO Sightings from Around the World

Uploaded by Adrian7785 on Aug 22, 2011 I was running around with some kids way smaller than me playing tackle handball. Needless to say i beat them all. While we were playing we… Continue reading

Mystery of UFO filmed flying over motorway near where BBC reporter saw another disc-shaped aircraft

(Scroll Down for Video) A UFO has been filmed speeding across the sky over a motorway – close to where a BBC reporter spotted another mystery object just days later. The clear footage… Continue reading

Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Uploaded by ekeberg12on Aug 13, 2011 Oslo Norway Lakkegata 13 august 2011 Uploaded by IntelligenceAstro on Aug 12, 2011 Video in ValPescara (Italy)-August 12,2011 Start footage night 0:23 AM-by the noises of the… Continue reading

Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Uploaded by CosmicStarTraveler on Aug 9, 2011 Filmed this weather ballon/airplane/chinese latern about an hour ago. It was stationary for about one and a half minute before i lost it behind the threes… Continue reading

Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

View video HERE Complete communication battery powered and satellite failures, and the loss of all power grids will be how the LOZ combat Satan’s latest plan to keep his prized child in tack.… Continue reading

Latest UFO Sightings from Around the World

This new footage of unknown lights flying across the night sky above Mandegās, Latvia was recorded on Tuesday, 2nd August 2011 around 11:30 pm. Area UFO watchers report making several sightings in the… Continue reading

UFOs in the USA: Proof is on the News

All of these UFO sightings are from the last three years. Notice a pattern? The LOZ has been responsible for many of these sightings – a show of force and air supremacy. Yahweh uses… Continue reading

Latest UFO Sightings from Around the World

Why are the UFO sightings increasing? The short answer is that the veil that separates the physical realm from the spirit realm is slowly being lifted for war and it is at this… Continue reading

Incredible UFO Makes News in Brazil – July 24, 2011

  Additionally, below is a video showing some analysis of the event:

Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Reports of UFOs are a daily occurrence. How many are seen but not reported?The Beast knows what is coming as they are well aware of the Spiritual War that is raging on and… Continue reading

Latest UFO Sightings from Around the World

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting video of unknown bright object was recorded in Sanremo in north-western Italy. This was recorded on Monday, 18th July 2011 at 9:15 pm. UFO sightings – New… Continue reading

V Formation UFO Activity Near Sun – Video

2 Chronicles 20:20 [ Victory and Plunder ] In the morning they got up early and went out to the wilderness of Tekoa. As they were about to go out, Jehoshaphat stood and… Continue reading

UFOs above Sakurajima Volcano Eruption – July 14, 2011

UFOs have always been interested in volcanoes and especially the activities of the Sakurajima Volcano. This volcano remains active. Is that normal or is there more to it? The lava seems to be radioactive and the debris coming out has a definite ‘wave’… Continue reading

Videos: Latest UFO Sightings from Around the World

From Latest UFO Sightings – This new daytime footage of some kind of disc-shaped object was recorded in Montreal in Canada on Saturday, 9th July 2011. This unknown object looks very similar to… Continue reading