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Ukraine lashed by severe storm- crops and roads washed away

Storm warning announced in Crimea. Rain with hail,  accompanied by strong gusts of wind have caused damage to many regions of Ukraine. Only in Chernivtsi region alone 600 hectares of winter wheat , 607… Continue reading

Videos: Recent UFOs Over England

Alaska Earthquake: Magnitude 7.2 Temblor Strikes In Pacific Ocean

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Alaska Earthquake Information Center says a major earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.2 has been recorded in the Pacific Ocean off Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands. The center says… Continue reading

Magma rising in Taal volcano- public cautioned to stay away from Philippines volcanoes on alert

June 24, 2011 – MANILA – The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has warned against any activity near the Taal, Mayon and Bulusan volcanoes as rockfalls and ash explosions may occur due… Continue reading

Bad News from NASA: Proof That Comet Elenin Is Affecting Earth

This is going to be the most extraordinary communication so fasten your seatbelts; we are in for a rough ride. I have known in my heart for months that I would have to… Continue reading

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

If you see an army on your borders, or see a large crowd watching but not making direct contact, then something is being stated without saying a word. It is a SHOW OF… Continue reading

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings From Around The World

Videos – Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Video: UFO Armada over UK Accompanied by “strange noise” reported elsewhere

The “strange noise” heard in the first video has also been captured elsewhere in the world and reported on this blog. Are you starting to put together the clues yet? The LOZ continues… Continue reading

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings (& Strange Light)

We’ve noted quite a few of these strange light instances popping up in various places in the world.

Worse Than Meltdown, Government Report Says Devastating ‘Melt-through’ Has Occurred at Fukushima; Official Suggests Japan Could Become ‘Uninhabitable’

(NaturalNews) Recent reports confirming that Reactors 1, 2, and 3 of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility completely melted just hours after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the area on March 11 have… Continue reading

Videos: Latest UFO Sightings

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings

The object in the 2nd video appears to be what is referred to as a “Rod”. Here’s the argument against the phenomena: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rod_%28optics%29 “Subsequent investigations proved that the appearance of flying rods on… Continue reading

Latest Crop Circle: Italy June 4, 2011

The LOZ is almost to the complete lifting of the veil. Dawn just needs to fulfill his final epitaph, and then LOOK OUT! The LOZ will darken the skies as we descend upon… Continue reading

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings


Videos – Recent UFO Sightings

Videos – Latest UFO Sightings May-June 2011

UK – This interesting footage of unknown bright stationary object was recorded in Wolds, Lincolnshire, UK on Thursday, 2nd June 2011. The object made no sound and about 30 minutes after the sighting,… Continue reading

Massive UFO Over Mayfield Makes News 2011

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings May 2011

Video: UFOs around the World 2011 Compilation

Watch the news for these events: Jets will be scrambled at various bases to try and intercept (classed as unidentified crafts posing threats) LOZ crafts that will be buzzing those bases. An air… Continue reading

Understanding why Japan’s recent quake defied expectations

Last week, Science released three papers and a perspective, all focused on understanding what happened during the March earthquake that struck Japan. Now officially termed the Tohoku-Oki quake, the event is estimated as… Continue reading

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings May 2011

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings May 2011

UFO sightings continue to occur daily, just as we were told they would. “The LOZ owns the skies and the USA will go into pandemonium shortly. Dawn will shift his power to the… Continue reading