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Eternal flame: Chile, Africa, Italy- why volcanoes erupting in 2011 refuse to die

Say goodbye to Satan’s corrupt world and await something unblemished. Don’t foolishly hold on to it or look back yearning for it like Lot’s wife did. Make a clean break, because everything you… Continue reading

Recent Volcanic Activity and Impending Eruptions

Italy – Stromboli is stirring. This marks the first lava effusion outside the crater terrace since the emission of a small lava flow in the night of 11-12 December 2010. Around 2100 GMT… Continue reading

Volcanic Activity Heats up in Iceland and Italy

Mt. Etna erupts with fountains of lava Iceland’s gotten all the press of late, but there are other volcanoes in the world. One of the more famous ones, Italy’s Mount Etna, spent Monday… Continue reading

Volcanic Eruptions this Year

Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanic chain, about 575 miles south of the capital, Santiago, Chile Several Latin American countries in the path of volcanic ash unleashed from a Chilean Andean crater are facing critical shortages… Continue reading