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Epic Geomagnetic Storm Erupts

Psalm 68:2 2 As smoke is blown away, so You blow [them] away. As wax melts before the fire, so the wicked are destroyed before God. “as wax melts before the fire” –… Continue reading

Magnetic pole shift means new Hillsboro runway name

The slowly drifting location of Earth’s magnetic north pole means the Hillsboro Airport’s main runway underwent a name change early this week — from 12/30 to 13/31. The new numbers were painted at… Continue reading

The sun shows a bit of flare: Stunning image shows explosion so powerful it may damage electrical grids on Earth

The largest solar flare in four years may cause spectacular Northern Lights displays over Britain If your satnav suddenly sends you the wrong way, don’t blame your gadget’s irritating electronic voice, blame the… Continue reading