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Mass Dead Fish Phenomenon Reported at All Coast Lines of The US

Mass Dead Fish Phenomenon Reported in California, Oregon, Chesapeake Bay & The Gulf of Mexico Millions Of Dead Fish Close Harbor In California By Michelle Roberts NBC News 8-1-14 Millions Of Dead Fish… Continue reading

Two Headed Whale Washes Up On Baja, California Beach

By Susan Duclos Are we starting to see more than just sea life die-offs and strange behavior from the massive radioactive water dumps into the Pacific ocean from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant?… Continue reading

Dead sea life washes up on shore after oil spill

Fishermen pick dead shrimp out of their haul in Leting county, Tangshan, North China’s Hebei province, Aug 31, 2011. Large quantities of the seafood they hauled in were dead. Hebei is located by… Continue reading

Fish Die-Offs Continue

Below is a collection of just some of the news articles from the past days and weeks that report the continued decline in sea-life: Fish found dead in Valsad estuary again SURAT\VAPI: In… Continue reading

Ravenna Lake fish kill into thousands, not couple hundred

RAVENNA — Additional investigation has shown the number of fish killed at Ravenna Lake recently was much greater than previously documented. A second investigation conducted March 16, when all the ice was off… Continue reading

Pensacola Beach: “1,000′s of dead animals” & discolored sand as far as the eye can see (Photos)

Source Seeing is believing. Do you see? Do you believe? Pestilence from the decaying dead sea life will eventually spread to all living on the earth. The beginning of the torment meted out… Continue reading

Dolphin cold case: Investigators say cause of calve die-off may never be known

Was it the oil? That’s the question of the day as the number of stillborn or dead young dolphin calves washing up on Gulf of Mexico shores continues to rise. The research team… Continue reading