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New Crop Circle in Germany – August 25, 2011

Mittweida, Sachsen (Saxony)Reported 18th August Crop Circle Connector The Crop Circles are angelic writing. The same symbols appear at the Great Hall of Records. In some cases it is done by demons and… Continue reading

New UK Crop Circle Reported August 7, 2011

Temple Farm, Nr Rockley, Wiltshire Crop Circle Connectors Matthew 3:12 “His winnowing shovel is in His hand, and He will clear His threshing floor and gather His wheat into the barn. But the… Continue reading

Two New UK Crop Circles – August, 2011

Bridge Inn, Nr Bishop Cannings, Wiltshire. Reported 4th August Crop Circle Connector Wayland Smithy, Nr Ashbury, Oxfordshire. Reported 4th August Crop Circle Connector Do you all know why crop circle patterned signs are… Continue reading

New Crop Circle in Bavaria Reported July 31, 2011

Oberschleissheim, nrĀ  Munich, Bayern (Bavaria) Crop Circle Connector Those of mankind, who study and theorize where crop circles come from and what they mean, have taken no note of the writing nor those… Continue reading

Crop Circle at Bienate (MILANO) Reported 30th June


Crop Circle in UK Reported 26th June

Honeystreet, Nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire Source

Crop Circle at Poirino, Italy, Reported 20th June