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Crop Circle: The Forests Way, Nr Roydon, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 17th July.

Crop Circle at The Long Man of Wilmington, Long Man, East Sussex, UK – 3 July 2014

Crop circle coordinates: 50.815824, 0.185647 Wikipedia’s articles near this crop circle: St Mary and St Peter’s Church, Wilmington 0.4km Long Man of Wilmington 0.7km Wilmington Downs 0.9km Lullington Church 1.6km Drusillas Zoo Park… Continue reading

Recent Crop Circle June 17, 2014

Badbury Rings, nr Wimborne Minster, Dorset, United Kingdom. Report 17th June. The Farmer is allowing access to this crop circle in the field. Please use tramlines to access the formation. 
The farmer is… Continue reading

Recent Crop Circles – June 15th, 2014

Cellé, ds Loir et Cher, nr Savigny-sur-Braye, Loir-et-Cher, France. Reported 12th June. A bit of a puzzle? This is a tricky one. I will tell you all I know. This photo was posted to… Continue reading

UFOs & Crop Circles in the End Times

In recent years you may have noticed that there’s been an upswing in interest in UFOs, Crop Circles as well as quote unquote “paranormal” activity. And if you’re listening this afternoon it’s probably… Continue reading

Latest Crop Circle in Hampshire, England made up in Morse – June 8, 2014

An interesting Crop Circle on the 8th of June 2014 at Gipsy Lane, Chilcomb Down in Hampshire, England. The crop circle is made up of the dots and dashes used in Morse code… Continue reading

Crop Circle at Cerkvenjak, Štajerska, SI – 6 June 2014

Crop circle coordinates: 46.551097, 15.911799 Wikipedia’s articles near this crop circle:  Spodnje Verjane 0.4km  Čagona 1.1km  Brengova 1.6km  Spodnja Senarska 1.9km  Biš 2.1km  Drbetinci 2.3km  Stanetinci, Cerkvenjak 2.5km  Vanetina 2.6km  Cerkvenjak 2.9km  Weather history (source: wunderground.com): (°C) (%) (mm) (km/h) Condition 5 Jun 20:46 Sunset 5… Continue reading

Hod Hill, nr Hanford, Dorset, United Kingdom. Reported 1st June.

New UK Crop Circle Reported 18th July 2011

Overton Down, nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 18th July Crop Circle Connector Job 38:5 “Who fixed its dimensions? Certainly you know! Who stretched a measuring line across it?” The astute of mankind believe they… Continue reading

New Crop Circle – Kingstone Coombes, Nr Ashbury, Oxfordshire, Reported 9th June


The Lions of Zion Currently Surround the Planet

A new crop circle will be a SIGN that visually gives the warning for all of the nations to raise the white flag and surrender to Christ’s Rule, or to continue to fall… Continue reading