Dr. Sounds Alarm On Worldwide Explosion Of Death Possible From Ebola

ebolaBy Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

This could very well be the most important show you listen to.

Steve Quayle brings a guest to the Hagmann & Hagmann show on August 8, 2014, a Doctor he calls “S”, then hands the stage, so to speak, to him to explain what we are seeing, what we need to be prepared for, what the dangers of the Ebola virus which has killed over 900 in Africa, are to the global community.

This doctor is a cardiologist and M.D., has been in the medical profession for decades and informs listeners that what we are seeing in Africa right now, is just the “tip of the iceberg,” and the “perfect set up for the perfect storm, an infectious disease storm.” “S” explains that by the time patients are systematic, they are also “catastrophic.” He also warns what he sees are the risks, concerns, problems and that this is not sci-fi, not imaginary, but a very real possibility to become a global pandemic, where we could see a three week lull, think authorities have a handle on it, then see a worldwide death rate explosion.

The risk as he explains it is the “exponential amplification of mortality,” where 1 becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes 16….etc, due to the long delay in Ebola victims becoming symptomatic, the long testing process, the high infectivity and the fact that there is no cure, along with a 25-90 percent mortality rate of the deadly disease.

He warns people to be prepared and offers way they can do so. S also points out how the medical resources in the countries already battling this Ebola outbreak are inadequate, but highlights, from personal experience how local and state hospitals in the US and elsewhere, countries not poor on resources, are also unprepared for a massive influx of symptomatic patients.

His statements are made calmly, clear and concise, listing his reasoning as well as quotes from other experts, believing that the general public needs to understand the potential and to prepare accordingly.

This Hagmann and Hagmann show is definitely one to listen to, take notes on, look up the information he is offering, the testimonies you can find on CSpan, look to the latest announcements by WHO declaring this an emergency, not just of concern to infected areas, but internationally, and you will find every word he says to be true.