Huge EMV/UFO uses the Sun’s energy – July 22, 2014

ufo_emv sun alien technologyAt first glance it looks like these objects are particles of the sun but after analyzing a number of these so-called EMV’s these objects are more than just particles of the sun.

In fact, these EMV’s ( Electro Magnetic Vehicles) are real alien craft using the sun’s energy.

The latest image above shows a shape what looks like an EMV, a craft that was designed for flying and clearly rules out solar flares or any other natural object. The first picture of an EMV, released in 2011 (See image ‘green EMV’).

In our previous article: Massive object over the Sun we suggested if NASA is hiding something, today, according to BPEarthWatch, NASA removed large objects on the latest SOHO images and there are missing time stamps.