Is There Hope For A ‘God Less America’?

godlessBy Joy Allmond

Franklin Graham once said, “I believe that a time is fast approaching–I think it will be in my lifetime–when the preaching of the Gospel is referred to as hate speech.”

And Todd Starnes couldn’t agree more.

Starnes, the host of Fox News and Commentary, heard on hundreds of radio stations nationwide, has joined the fight for religious freedom by reporting stories of the silenced Church.

“I agree 1,000 percent with Franklin Graham,” Starnes said. “I think we see the foundation already being laid.”

The “foundation” he referenced comes from years’ worth of stories of attacks on religious liberty for Christians that he has covered as a reporter for Fox News.

He has compiled some of these stories in God Less America, his latest book release that serves as a wake-up call to Americans. More specifically directed at people of the Christian faith, Starnes wrote God Less America to bring to light what is happening in our country.

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