Recent Crop Circles June 21, 2014

popham2014bBlack Wood, Nr Popham, Hampshire,United Kingdom. Report 21st June

Location of the Crop Circle: Behind Popham

Little Chef on A303 ( south side of road )

OS Map Reference:

Type of Crop: Wheat

Description: 6 pointed star

Date of Discovery: 21st June 2014

Name: Jean Hams

Date: 21 June 2014

Time: 09:16:55

wiltshire20062014aAlton Barnes, Wiltshire. United Kingdom. Reported 20th June


This afternoon the pilots at Clench Farm airfield spotted this crop circle near Alton Barnes. It was cut out by the farmer, as he has told everyone he would do, shortly after this photo was taken. This is the way it is in Wiltshire these days. Hopefully the phenomenon has got the message.