Recent Crop Circle June 17, 2014

BARBURYRINGS2014ABadbury Rings, nr Wimborne Minster, Dorset, United Kingdom. Report 17th June.

The Farmer is allowing access to this crop circle in the field. Please use tramlines to access the formation. 
The farmer is requesting £5 per head.

CGI (Core Group Initiative) will be solely and officially ”managing the gate’ of this CC as from later today. A letter of authority from the farmer will be held by our representative on site. The collected monies will be split between compensation to the farmer for lost crop and the rest to St. Bartholomew’s Chuch in the village of Shapwick. There is ample parking in the field next to the CC. Please do not park in the lane.

The CGI have just informed us that the farmer at Badbury Rings is phoning the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald and the police to complain about Monique Klinkenbergh’s Crop Circle Access Centre’s claim, on their website, that their pass gives purchaser the right to enter his field at Badbury Rings in Dorset.

The farmer would like to make it clear that only CGI will collect the money on his behalf as he wants visitors to be shown the right route into the crop circle which will cause the least damage to the crop. This will be done at the field.’

Please Monique it is very important to contact the farmers before informing people that your pass gives them the right to enter a crop circle. Here is the extract from the local newspaper -

”Visitors can buy a crop circle access pass, enabling them to visit the latest formations safe in the knowledge that the farmer has given permission. Passes are now available priced £10 for the whole season.”

It must be remembered the farmers are very concerned about how people enter a crop circle even if they have given permission. –