Mystery lights spotted by residents across hundreds of miles of southern California leave officials baffled

article-0-1EF68F3700000578-740_634x398Southern California residents are baffled by a grouping of mysterious lights seen hovering in the sky late Thursday evening.

The lights, which have yet to be explained, were seen in the sky above southern Orange County, Riverside County, and San Diego County.

Rancho Santa Margarita resident Ranaye Kahn reported seeing the lights at about 10:30 p.m.

‘I’m looking at it and thinking that’s really strange because it was yellow, not normal plane lights,’ Kahn told ABC7. ‘We had two lights, then they both went out, then a third light came on. (I) was listening for helicopter sounds, plane sounds — no sounds at all, just lights.’

Several people sent in tips about the lights to local news stations seeking an explanation.’Crazy!! Two bright lights over Orange County. Weird the kept dimming and reappearing,’ Rose Cruz wrote on the local ABC affiliates Facebook page.

Another witness, Allison Williams, said she saw the lights for several minutes.

‘Saw these two bright orange lights from the 405 S at Sand Canyon all the way to the 5 exited Alicia watched them for a little while and left, went back and they were gone within minutes,’ she wrote.

Local law enforcement said the lights did not come with any reports of problems.

And representatives for Camp Pendleton and Marines Corps Air Station Miramar said the lights were not related to their bases.

‘We had no unusual aircraft activity in Southern California last night,’ said the Federal Aviation Administration.

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