The Spiritual War: The Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness

197999_162034170522099_7754594_nMany of have heard of the term Spiritual Warfare, but have you ever stopped to think that there might really be an actual Spiritual War?

In order to even begin to imagine and understand, you will need to imagine a game of chess. One one side of the board is Yahweh and on the other is Satan. The Spiritual War is like a chess game that’s played out by both sides of the spectrum. Holy against evil. The Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness.

How did the Spiritual War Begin?

In the beginning of Mankind’s creation, there was light – in that all of creation was in harmony with the Creator’s will. The son of the Dawn, the Shining Morning Star, known to us now as Satan, was placed over the planet Earth and the human family that Yahweh’s son the Word had created to inhabit the Earth and he, Satan, also known as Dawn, was the first to commit sin.

Isaiah 14:12 Shining morning star, how you have fallen from the heavens! You destroyer of nations, you have been cut to the ground.”

Satan’s rebellion was a direct challenge against Yahweh’s right to rule creation by righteousness and in turn, Yahweh accepted the challenge. This is when the light was taken away from the world because the first human subjects also joined Satan in the rebellion. This was the beginning of the Spiritual War of Chess that would include the testing of all intelligent creations that were endowed with Yahweh’s attributes. Satan had brought darkness upon creation as it was his pride and his inner need to be worshiped like Yahweh as a god, actually ushered in the Spiritual War.

Having made the first move and bringing the “Chess game” into play, Satan also brought Mankind and their future offspring onto the board as his confederates in the war.

1 John 3:8 “The one who commits sin is of the Devil, for the Devil has sinned from the beginning. The Son of God was revealed for this purpose: to destroy the Devil’s works.”

From there, Satan gained momentum as he added members of the Celestial Order of Holy Angels to his side numbering in the millions. However, their only goal was to inhabit the Earth by taking form as counterfeit humans. Yahweh had already countered against Satan with a prophetic move on the chess board and he also prophetically moves against the humans who rebel. The fallen angelic hosts that have now joined Satan will then be dealt with in a series of moves on the Chess Board.

What Part Did and Does Jesus Christ Play in the War?

In Yahweh’s first counter move of this war, He asked the Word (also Michael the Archangel who later became Jesus Christ) if he would be willing to balance the scale of Righteous Law by laying his life down for those of Mankind that will be born into secondary sin. The Word agrees to give his perfect life, taking on Mankind’s sin as the Ransom Sacrifice and in exchange, Yahweh promises his first born Son a Kingdom for himself and all those that put faith in the Ransom that is given through Christ’s Sacrificial Blood.

Under the Rules what must Satan do to Win the War?

Yahweh agreed that if Satan wins, he can live, but two conditions must be met. 1) He must pull everyone away from the Creator’s side, or 2) He must stop a single prophetic event from happening that will later be foretold by the Word. At that time, Satan was in the dark, and he did not comprehend that the Word would also become the “living Word” of the Scriptures, exercising power to discern hearts by the Holy Spirit’s Active Force that emanates from the very presence of Yahweh.

The Scriptures are actually a Jigsaw Puzzle and Satan sees them as a BLUEPRINT of Father’s future plans; so, Father had to wrap the Word in mysteries to Satan’s mind – a mystery that is not written like a novel that goes from the beginning to the end; instead, Father has His things in symbolism that Satan could not understand; and jigsawed the Word into a lot of pieces and inserted the Truth all over the writings so that Satan could not get the full understanding of things until the End Times. Why? Because Satan is in a fight for sheer survival and he must thwart prophecy in order to live for eternity. But to thwart prophecy, Satan also has to play by Father’s Rules to try and do so.

Are only Holy Angels and Fallen Angels Involved?

Over time Satan adds even more to his growing seed which included fallen angels. In addition he adds those humans that have died and passed over to the Spirit Realm throughout the ages. They are considered separate from Mankind in general because redemption has come into play and that means that Satan lost part of Mankind from his side of the Chess board but there are those that he gains back which are some of those who have passed over. After passing over they approach the position of entering the heavens, but they are held up there if they do not yet know the Truth, or if they have not yet atoned for minor sins they are guilty of at the “Edge of Light House Worship” which serves as the counseling and atonement center. Those that refuse counseling after learning Yahweh’s Laws, are denied access to crossing over and through the light and over the ages, millions upon millions of those passing over have rejected Yahweh’s counsel. They are in turn called Converts because they are fully converted to Satan’s way of thinking. They want a world like they left and not a Kingdom that requires perfection via the following of Yahweh’s Commandments. Therefore, they put themselves on Satan’s side of the issue in this Spiritual War.

Satan’s intentions of winning the war and being permitted to live, are to halt the first Rapture. If he can kill off all faithful Christians before that Rapture occurs, because the Raptures are intended for those caught up while still alive to Christ, he will have won his tin-godship that Yahweh agreed to. But Yahweh says Satan will not win this spiritual war and He knows the end from the beginning.

Are there Rules of War?

Yes, there are. When Satan first sinned at the Garden of Eden, Yahweh told the Word (now Christ Jesus) to inform Satan of his sentence in the Sacred Garden, as well as that of the Man and Woman, Adam and Eve. It was at that time that Satan put his challenge to Yahweh via the Word. What transpired from that was the first set of War Rules and they applied only to Satan at that time.

The RULES OF WAR set up by Yahweh under provisional law that states, Satan has rights in this war as do his angels and converts. On the flip side, the holy angels and holy ghosts, as well as deceased people passing over to the other side, and astral projectors are all under the WAR SCROLL PROVISION that was set up by Yahweh that constitutes the rules and consequences of what goes on in the spiritual war. Because that part of the spiritual war does not normally apply to Adam’s offspring, it was omitted from the written Word given to mankind, because it is a Provisional State of Application (things that occur between the two opposing forces) that must be scrutinized and ruled upon by a High Council that was established by Yahweh out of fairness to both sides of this conflict.

Who Oversees the War?

First, is the Heavenly Council Members who confer with Christ, who in turn confers with his Father, Yahweh. The Council is in charge of seeing that both sides of the war be fought according to the rules that have been laid out, including the Rules of Engagement and is charged with refereeing the war and placing sanctions on either side that breaks the rules. So in essence, the Council enforces the decrees of the Spiritual War.

During the centuries, a the Heavenly Council came into reality, made up of the faithful ones that crossed over; men like Noah, Abraham and Isaiah. The War Rules were amended as the Council grew in wisdom, and more Rules were added and sometimes changed due to petitions by either side of the issue. In addition, the Council served under the Word and Yahweh as an impartial judicial governing body concerning the Heavenly Court and the Spirit War that was then raging on earth and in the Spirit Realm.

The players in the war are the Son’s of Light versus the Son’s of Darkness and also the Holy Ghost Observers that are in service to the Creator and Christ. They too are governed by the Heavenly Council but may not be armed in this Spiritual War as they serve as observers as well as guides to help bring humans to the understanding of what is going on in creation. They also assist those with ministries to Christ and observe all of Mankind as well as the two armies fighting the war. Being a ministry to Christ is how we too are involved in the Spiritual War.

Yahweh has a sense of fairness in the war; by letting Satan have a grievance hearing from the council concerning what he feels are unfair tactics and infringements of the Rules. He lodges complaints often and they are assessed by the Heavenly Council in a fair manner. However, he can’t go to the Council personally because he is confined to the Detention Plane here on Earth and not allowed to cross through the Azmon Barrier that surrounds the Earth. So if Satan has a grievance, no matter how trivial it might sound, the Holy Ghosts are duty bound to make his complain known. The Holy Ghosts are busy doing many things in this war and it might surprise many that the two opposing angelic forces are not always clashing, but that’s the way it really is. As long as Satan and his angels do not overstep their boundaries of testing out Mankind, peace prevails but that doesn’t always follow suit and when it doesn’t, skirmishes take place or even big battles.

Violation of the rules can result in sanctions against Satan personally and/or his forces. It could result in the loss of a Safe Zone or any number of things that would hinder him. And it can go to the extreme as well. The Orange Plane could come into play or even the ordered destruction of key demon individuals or in mass. It all depends on how the Rules apply to each situation and many times what the Holy Council decides the action should be that is instituted by the Holy deputies in this war.

One of the reasons peace will not prevail between the two opposing armies is because Satan seeks to thwart prophecy and to do that, he must stop the Cherubs from their assigned work of the Creator. That is what causes more major clashes than any other single thing in this war. And even through the publishing of the Truth in regards to all the myths out there regarding Satan causes him to lose ground. Those that believe he has powers beyond what he really has are misguided and fall into Satan’s secondary trap which is, “If I don’t with this War I’m taking everyone down with me that I can.” His other more subtle, but sometimes that which causes big battles, is the higher echelon. It is comprised of human agents that know and understand Satan’s limitations. They seek to help him win the right to a godship that would include his followers. So, Satan tries to disrupt the Cherub’s work by battling with them when they are trying to bring things to bear. This is not a violation of the Rules of Engagement because he is permitted to try and halt prophecy. It is when he does things that are contrary to the Rules that cause grief on both sides.

What Happens if the Holy Side Commits an Infraction?

If the holy side commits an infraction against the opposing side, then the Holy Council rules for the opposing side and when that happens a scorecard comes into play. The holy side is scored down and the points go to the demons. When the demon score is above the holy sides score, and that sometimes occurs, (but not often), the demons are able to petition for the release of Safe Zones, or even prisoners being held in the Orange Plane in exchange for the points that are then deducted off the scorecard. So you see, the war is set up to encourage both sides to fight fairly. If Satan wants to retain his Safe Zones and as many of his warriors as possible, then he needs to follow the rules in the war. When the holy side is tempted to go beyond the rules to harshly punish the demons, then they are likely to lose points over to the demons side of the war score card.

What Part do other Humans Play in the War?

Things that are going on behind the scenes in the invisible realm are often never spoken of. Keep in mind that this war is fought on two fronts.

1) It is a spiritual battle that involves weather and other related phenomena to cause destruction and widespread desolation.

2) It is fought by using mankind as its own worst enemy. Mankind has helped to bring much of the disasters now happening.

Father is simply helping things progress much more quickly. The bowls of wrath are tribulation (i.e., a state of great trouble or suffering.) It is not intended to serve as a like scenario of the global flood by causing total destruction – that comes with the cup of wrath. The cup is poured out upon the earth just as the rains were at the great flood. At this time, people are experiencing great trouble and are suffering from the bowls of wrath that are given as a sign that the Great Tribulation has arrived. These things occur but the masses are not repentant. Father is revealing His great power over nature and His intervention into world governments affairs, but only those that are perceptive are aware of what’s happening. Each move on the chess board in the tribulation period is designed to fulfill the prophecies Father inspired to the writers of the Word long ago.

Any move the holy side makes on the war chess board prompts Satan to counter-move against their action. Satan knows these present plagues are from Father’s side of the board, and he seeks to have his in power human agents take all precautions to try and either cure, or to eliminate as much risk as possible to the threat until its life cycle has passed. If he can successfully counter the expected result the holy side anticipates, this buys him more time and requires that the holy side re-think their own strategy and their arsenal that Father has provided for them to accomplish what He has willed to take place.

Back during the ancient days of Father’s Israelite’s that fought for the then Promised Land flowing with milk and honey often sent spies into the cities ahead of an all out invasion to find out their weakness and general layout of the cities before attacking. This is repeated by other watchmen that are peering into Satan’s inner workings. Although Father sees all things, He still expects His side in this war to perform the work of weeding out the opposing side. It makes the war more interesting, and it gives all of them a part in breaking up Satan’s devilish works he plans to propagate against Father’s side in this war. Father is the Judge at the chess board, but they, on each side of the spectrum, serve as the chess pawns. As Father once said, “The Son’s of Light against the son’s of darkness.” When Father made that statement, it was Him saying “My Son’s in good standing will fight for My Great Name and My throne’s sovereignty.”

Spiritual War News

Our ministry has been involved in the Spiritual War since 2005, and we have received updates on the Spiritual War and the goings on of both sides on a regular basis. There have been many revelations that have been shared with us in a progressive state and in turn we have shared these revelations with those we minister to just as we are doing now.

We have been enlightened and brought to a greater understanding of many things and have learned indeed that the Truth is at times stranger than fiction. But all of these things have served in lifting the veil to reveal Truth and in bringing us to a greater knowledge and understanding of why things are the way they are and Yahweh’s purpose and plan for His creation.

Not long ago it was revealed to us that there are indeed other intelligent creations in the universe but there are no human civilizations except for those here on earth. All other hives in creation are made up of various lifeforms. All through history Satan has tried to reveal what Eternity holds but the other civilized kingdoms that exist throughout the expanse were meant to remain a mystery until Yahweh birthed their revelation if existence:

2 Kings 4:27 “When she came up to the man of God at the mountain, she clung to his feet. Gehazi came to push her away, but the man of God said, “Leave her alone—she is in severe anguish, and the LORD has hidden it from me. He hasn’t told me.”

Yahweh hides things until the proper time that they should be revealed and Satan reveals what is hidden, in hopes he will be credited for revealing forbidden knowledge that is rightfully the manna that should be distributed by our Mother in Her own time and way.

This other creation has come to earth in crafts to help Satan and his children against Yahweh’s holy forces. They have become traitors to the Throne of Yahweh by questioning the law given by the Prophets to the point of rebellion. They are called the Ashkelon as referenced at

Jeremiah 47:3-5

“At the sound of the stomping hooves of his stallions,

the rumbling of his chariots,

and the clatter of their wheels,

fathers will not turn back for their sons,

because they will be utterly helpless

on account of the day that is coming

to destroy all the Philistines,

to cut off from Tyre and Sidon

every remaining ally.

Indeed, the LORD is about to destroy the Philistines,

the remnant of the islands of Caphtor.

Baldness is coming to Gaza.

Ashkelon will become silent,

a remnant of their valley.

How long will you gash yourself?”

The Ashkelon are from the Ash Constellation and they argued that they have lived faithfully under law of “The Way” and should not be lumped into Mankind’s debacle and because they are expected to be under Christ’s headship over creation as if they too had sinned, they protested and pulled away to join Satan’s side of the Sovereignty issue.  So now, in addition to the LOZ crafts that have been sighted, so have the Ashkelon’s crafts been sighted.

In our previous show on the Lions of Zion, we reported that the entirety of the LOZ are now here in, on and around the earth, cloaked and awaiting Michael’s command to implement the Rapture of the remnant. In addition they are fighting the Ashkelon in pockets of resistance in battles raging under South America and the southern states of the United States in a cat and mouse game also in other areas beneath the earth. But the skies remain filled with the remaining cloaked LOZ that are keeping an ever vigilant eye on what is going on topside of the earth.

Present disruptions beneath the earth’s crust are being caused by these pockets of battles that are raging between the LOZ and the Ashkelons. Until the LOZ wipes them out the disruptions will be ever present and on the increase. This is a revelation of the veil being slowly lifted as the ramifications of the spiritual war edge their way into the physical realm.

Job 9:13 “God does not hold back His anger; Rahab’s assistants cringe in fear beneath Him!”

2 Samuel 22:39 “I wipe them out and crush them, and they do not rise; they fall beneath my feet.”

2 Samuel 22:40 You have clothed me with strength for battle; You subdue my adversaries beneath me

Latest news also reports that an additional race has joined the Ashkelon to fight on Satan’s side, but we have not been informed of the details. They currently offer the largest threat to the rapture. The demons cannot offer any resistance to aid them. They know the LOZ will not stop until they are destroyed. Satan will try to use his child’s armament to halt the rapture when things turn back to the exterior of the earth’s atmosphere. The LOZ are also awaiting his pawn move for that coming battle.

The United States shadow government cannot help the other creations because their crafts cannot fight in slow moving energy, which is what the curst and interior of the earth are composed of and is the makeup of the visible world. But because the LOZ and other races are also spiritual in makeup they can transmute their armament to adapt to either the physical plane or the spiritual plane for warfare.

The first rapture will not occur all at once. It will begin over a time frame that permits extraction of all those deserving of protection from what is coming in upon this planet. Don’t be surprised to hear that an entire group of people are missing without a trace, or that people are starting to disappear around the globe without explanation. Most recently in the aftermath of the great Japan earthquake the process has already begun.

Another reason balls of light are present all around the globe. The search for those marked for extraction continues. What is the process? Honing in on the one’s that will be first to leave here over a frame of time. When that’s completed, the LOZ will step up the process until all are extracted and safely away from the earth. Satan’s forces in both the spirit realm and on the material plane are without recourse to halt the LOZ. If the powerful governments on earth try to interfere, they will pay a heavy price, just like the other races already have.

For anyone that wants to serve Christ and Yahweh in TRUTH. Turn your attention to THEM and pray to your Mother Yahweh for safe-haven.