Recent Crop Circles – June 15th, 2014

savigny2014aCellé, ds Loir et Cher, nr Savigny-sur-Braye, Loir-et-Cher, France. Reported 12th June.

A bit of a puzzle? This is a tricky one. I will tell you all I know. This photo was posted to the ‘Crop Circles’ facebook site by Cyril Beautru of a really intriguing crop circle which I believe is near Savigny-sur-Braye which is a commune in the Loir-et-Cher department of central France. This is all I know. I have tried a Google search but no more information. No information on Cyril Beautru facebook ‘Page’, not even the photo! Does anyone know a good French search engine site? All I can say is it is a great looking crop circle whenever it was created?

Post script – This photo was posted to the Crop Circles fb ‘Page’ by Cyril Beautru on June 12th. If anyone can contribute to find out more information that would be great.

I have been told the translation says it is near the small town of Cellé, ds Loir et Cher, near Savigny sur Braye although looking at the map it looks like Cellé is near Besse-sur-Braye. Here is the map link to see the location of Cellé:…/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1Source

14Harewell Lane, nr Besford, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 14th June.

On my rounds Saturday I came across a crop circle in a field straddling Harewell Lane outside Besford in Worcestershire. It is on the other side of the train line from the radio telescope near where the Lane meets Ladywood Road. I stopped my van to take a closer look. I was unable to take a photo as the camera on my phone stopped working. Sent by iphone
– Daniel Moore – Source



Serbia cc 8-6-14Turija, Serbia. Reported 8th June. – Source







templefarm15062014aTemple Farm, Sutton road, Nr Southend-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 14th June.

Location: Sutton Road, nr Southend on sea, Essex
Crop: ?
Description: Pattern in field
Discovery: Saturday 14th but info reached us on 15/06/2014
Name: N/A
Status: Sending a local contact to check it out – Source