UFO or Haarp Activity Caught in Earth’s Exosphere? – May 31, 2014

UFO_ISS_NASA_2014Strange cylindrical shaped object caught on NASA live feed from the ISS.

At first glance, ADGUK of YouTube thought it was a smudge on the lens, but after running it through some software it seems to be something else.

Objects looks cylindrical in shape and appears to be collecting materials, gases if you like, from the earths exosphere. You can clearly see activity below the object.

I would doubt ET spacecraft would need these elements for fuel, but it is possible, its also feasible to assume that the gases are being collected for analysis, as ETs are reported to be very concerned about Earths wellbeing.

Another possibility for this strange phenomenon may be the result of HAARP activity, heating a specific area of the atmosphere to effect weather, etc. – UFO Sighting Shot Spot