Anonymous hacktivists plan massive attack on Brazilian World Cup sponsors

19.siAmid mass demos and violence over extravagant World Cup spending showing little promise of return for an impoverished Brazil, Anonymous hackers plan a mass hack attack on the Cup’s sponsors, a source told Reuters.

High inflation and low business investment have hampered the government’s recent attempts to boost the economy ahead of the tournament. All this is happening as some of the country’s most pressing social and other problems have been neglected, with rampant poverty and destitution rife in large parts of the capital.

People are up in arms, staging protest events for a number of reasons, the latest of which are centered on skepticism that the lavish spending on the World Cup will benefit them in any substantial way. This Friday, several simultaneous events blocked Rio de Janeiro’s main roads, paralyzing traffic.

Anonymous hacktivists are allegedly taking matters into their own hands, threatening some of the major sponsors of the World Cup. On Friday, Reuters spoke to a member who allegedly has intimate knowledge of the plan, after an attack took place earlier this week that targeted the Brazil foreign ministry’s networks and led to the leak dozens of confidential emails. Already heralded as the biggest cyber-security breach since the NSA accessed President Dilma Roussef’s personal communications, the last attack caused the leak of 333 documents, according to Che Commodore, the hacker who spoke to Reuters.