Citi Hikes More Account Fees

Psalm 94:20 “Can a corrupt throne— one that creates trouble by law— become Your ally?”

Countries, especially the USA, it creates laws that create trouble or problems for its subjects. They claim to be your ally and benefactor, but are in fact corrupt. Satan’s throne was corrupt from day one that he sinned. He carried over that corruption to his children of this old world, and they like him, Satan’s elite, they have an agenda to rule over all nations and to have mankind as their slave class. It has been tested by the banking system, and manipulated by the thieves of Wall Street. All are corrupt.

Psalm 53:3 “Everyone has turned aside; they have all become corrupt. There is no one who does good, not even one.”

America’s biggest banks aren’t going to take new financial regulations lying down. Now that the government has cracked down on predatory fees, banks are building them into the deal. On the heels of Bank of America’s controversial new fee for debit cards, Citibank is charging customers just to use their checking accounts. Customers with the bank’s midlevel checking account will now have to pay a fee of $20 per month if they don’t maintain a total balance of $15,000 in their Citi accounts—nearly triple the previous minimum balance of $6,000. That’s on top of a fee announced last month for Citi’s basic checking account—from $8 to $10—if customers fail to maintain a $1,500 balance. – The Daily Beast