UFO reports: 24th September – 1st October 2011

The below are just a small portion of all the UFO sightings occurring all over the world. The Lions of Zion have air supremacy. Yahweh offered surrender as an option to the nations. Surrender and then obedience to Her Rule over death and destruction. But the nations protested with silence, and the silence from within was this: “But they protested: We won’t!” Jeremiah 6:16 “[ Disaster Because of Disobedience ] This is what the LORD says: Stand by the roadways and look. Ask about the ancient paths: Which is the way to what is good? Then take it and find rest for yourselves. But they protested: We won’t!”

Paris, France – 27/09/11

Yesterday, around 10pm, I just saw from my balcony a huge bright light, pulsating very fast. At the beginning, I thought it was a star, it was static in the sky of Paris. I decided to smoke a cigarette while looking at it, and 5 mns later, it disappeared without moving. Just vanished like if it was magic.
It is my first
weird sighting ever, and I’ve started to get myself interested to UFOs like one month ago. I don’t know if it is my imagination, but I guess we can’t have an hallucination for about 15 mns. I’ve tried to record it on my Iphone, but it was too dark.
I prefere to precise that I’ve always been sceptic about these phenomenons, and I really would like to know if someone else have also seen this.
This might not interest you, because you must receive a lot of video everyday, but I can assure you that what I saw was not a plane, nor a comet or a spatial debris.
Clifton Moor, York, UK – 26/09/2011 @ 07.40hrs
As I was driving this morning (due west) I witnessed a large, white, egg shape object in the sky directly to the North. The weather was excellent as was the visibility. Cloud coverage was minimal with scattered fluffy clouds and aeroplanes in the sky were noticeable due to them leave behind their “chemtrails”.
The object caught my attention due to its size, rate of velocity and its movements and shape. I noticed the following:
1 – The object was egg shape and large compared to the odd plane flying in the distance.
2 – The object was a shade of pure white, whiter than the cloud.
3 – The object moved extremely quickly and made unusual manoeuvres such as curving back on itself and hovering around a small cloud.
4 – The main thing that made me curious about what I saw was that if it had of been a plane, it did NOT leave behind any chemtrail markings such as all the other aircraft that was current flying around in the sky at that time.
5 – The object then hovered around said cloud for 4/5 more seconds and dissipated into the cloud. It did NOT reappear as I assumed it would if it were a aircraft. (I had also slowed down signification at this point to await its passing the cloud, which it did not.)
I was unable to get any evidence due to driving in busy traffic at the time.
This is not the first time I have seen strange objects in the sky during the day OR night.
Saskatoon, Canada – September 26, 2011
I was outside on the northern side of the city. towards the north appearing to just south of the airport I saw a deep red glow like a fire and a parachute type device behind it. This was not in a landing or take off path for the airport and had no lights ie green, red blinking or a white forward lights. I could clear see something being dragged behind the red glow. The red glow flickered like a fire and was to not high in the sky. The closest thing I could describe it would be when I saw the space shuttle returning over Calgary many years ago. Has anyone seen this or have an idea what it could be?
Portland, Oregon – 9/26/11
I was on my way to work today monday 9/26/11 around 8:45. I saw in the sky what it seemed like a fighter jet (more specifically an F22). I know its not a UFO but it seemed really weird to me that an F22 was flying around Portland.
I went on the internet and typed a couple of key words to see if i was able to find out if someone else saw it, or someone else thought it was weird.
What i found surprised me, and Im still in shock. Two days ago in virginia witness saw military jets fired up after a sphere UFO…Creepy connection??? What are american combat planes doing in the sky if there is no war or treat??, if there is what do we know about it and who are we fighting?
Reykjavik, Iceland – Monday, 26 September
If you visit the meteorological website from the Icelandic weather organization, you will see an ufo on the following moments/screenshots:
Monday 23:00 hr: none.
Monday 23:15 hr: ufo
Monday 23:30 hr: ufo
Monday 23:45 hr: Ufo gone
A normal aircraft does not take 30 minutes to cross over the city!
Salinas, Ca – 9/26/11
we were going for a walk at about 9:20pm when a bright red orange light flew straight up into the sky from roof height to about the height of a plane flying. at first i thought it might be a rocket. for a moment, it seemed it might hit a near flying plane. then it flew east over a nearby neighborhood about 6 – 8 blocks and then seemed to quickly descend. all of this occurred in about one minute.
Columbia River – Washington/Oregon border near Camas and Washougal, WA – 9/25/11
What was that? Looking east toward the Columbia River Gorge, I saw around a dozen of, what looked like weather balloons, rise into the air over a scattered area near and over the Columbia River. They rose, not straight up, but at an angle as though they were affected by a slight wind heading up the gorge, eastward. I couldn’t imagine what was the purpose of such a release on Sunday at 4:12 PM. All seemed rather normal until, as they ascended, they formed a straight line in their ascent and quickly were out of sight into the low cloud cover. How could large weather balloons all line up so quickly? Any one else witness this?
North of Paphos, Cyprus – 25th Sep 2011
It was 20:15 local time and I had let my dogs out for pee. We have very little in the way of houses around us and the stars are very bright at night.
I often look up to view the stars while I wait for my dogs to come in.
Tonight I saw a small dot, I assumed a star at first until it became obvious it was moving. The ‘dot’ was travelling west to east. I thought it was probably a satellite as I’ve seen several over the last three years we’ve been living here.
Suddenly the ‘dot’ changed course and rapidly moved downward, looped back up and quickly disappeard from view, decreasing in size as it went.
It all happened so fast, but it’s not the first time I’ve seen something like this. A similar situation occured three years ago with two objects doing a similar manouvere.
A421 north east from M1 towards Bedford – 25/09/2011
I saw a ball of fire falling towards earth with a trail of flames, it seemed to be 5-25 miles away and focusable in a very dark sky North East of my position falling about 20degrees from left to right. Time was between 2.30 and 3.15am bst
Munich/München, Germany – 25.09.2011
I live in munich and i watched TV. then i saw towards the sky and saw something. it looked like a star just bigger and with a little blinking red light… first i thought it was a helicopter or something like that but when i looked at it again it was still there. i tried to take a picture of it but my camera and mobile is too bad -.- i don’t know if you live in munich just watch it!! you can’t miss it!! creepy o.O
Gibraltar, Michigan – 25th sept 2011
at apx 21.25 i saw a deep black circular object in the sky, it seemed to be hovering and at first i thought it may be a large balloon where that may of come from i do not know but it was fairly low in the sky under the clouds, i watched it for a couple of mins trying to determine what it was even showed my partner. then it started getting higher and higher away from me and shooting into the sky until it was out of my vision. it moved to quick and was far to big to be anything i can explain it to be. i am rather sceptical about these things but after seeing this last night i am convinced it must have been a ufo.
Palm Beach, Florida – 24th September 2011
Last night around 9:15 at night, my husband and I saw 3 triangular, white lights up in the sky, we turned around to take a picture but it was gone in seconds. Sighting was over Palm Beach Florida
St.Helens and Earlestown, NW England – 24-Sep-2011
Coming back to Earlestown on 11-25 bus from St.Helens at FINGERPOST 2mls.north over valley moving west orange ball 200ft.alt.3mph.Went in fields and filmed what I THOUGHT was a ufo 100ft.alt. 2mls.away but may be wrong.Will let you know when I have anaylised footage,but a craft with flashing lights can be seen just beyond,for 10 secs.slowly moving.WILL REPORT more filmings on forum,Thanks.
Kitchener, Ontario – sept 24 8:30 pm
Around 8:30 pm,two friends Rajan Vikalo and Miljenko Mandic are siting with me on Rajans deck,when we saw strange orange lights in the sky towards Guelph.we cointed 9 ofthem and they hovered for about 2 minutes than just disapeared.15 minutes later 4 more lightup in the sky but from Cambridge directions.We recordedit on our blackberrys,but vidos dont show much?I just want to see ifanyone else has seen that.
Bromley, Kent, UK – 24.9.11
It was at around 1.20 am i was watching t.v in bed my window is a large window to my left, the sky was clear and dark with some very nice bright stars and some small clouds, i caught it out the side of my eye turned around ans saw coming down at about a 35 degree angle a bright white round object leaving a small white trail line behind it, i watched it for a few seconds then it stopped dead moved back upon its self then vanished, i thought it maby a shooting star but iv seen them before and it was nothing like that,
i told my wife the next morning she said maby it was part of the american satailite! i dont think so, it moved in ways shooting stars and space junk does not.
provincia di Milano, Italy – 24/09/2011
[direct translate from Italian language] Yesterday evening, September 24, 2011 around 21:30 in Brianza have appeared in the heavens about 20 balls of red light, moving slowly varying sizes, and are then dissolved as looking at the internet I found some reports of sightings in other similar areas, the same day but at different times!
Here’s the link to the video posted on YouTube of the same sighting near Bologna:
United States, North Canton, Ohio – 09/24/2011
Last night, around 1:30am, I witnessed something very strange in the sky over North Canton.
I feel it is important to say that last night was not my first sighting of this particular object. Roughly mid July, after the holiday, my boyfriend & I were in nearby Louisville, Ohio laying on his trampoline and stargazing. Over by the treeline was where I first noticed it. The two of us observed it for about 20 minutes, waiting to see what it might do. He then reported seeing it, alone, the next evening when he returned home late at night. Since then, I have also seen it once over my home in North Canton in early August, and then most recently, yesterday night.
My friend & I were driving home from Sheetz gas station and I was looking out the window at the stars as I often do when I saw it. I had told her about it on previous occasions and she, of course, thought I was crazy. Excited to prove my sanity, I had her pull over in a cul-de-sac to check it out… we did, and then returned home to 4 more of my friends whom we called out to witness.
The object is not what you typically picture with a UFO. It is not a saucer or craft or anything like that, but looks exactly the same every time I have witnessed it. It is a series of lights, I’d say about 8 or 9, shaped like the letter Y. At first glance, I thought it resembled the little dipper, only on an extremely small scale. A slight glance could pass it off as a cluster of stars, but with a deliberate look it is very obvious that it is nothing like the other stars in the sky. It gives off a bluish/purplish/greenish tint and the lights seem to faintly blink. It does not make any sudden movement; however, it moves deliberately in a straight line at a pace that is noticeable if you watch for even a few minutes. It also appears to change depth; in the cul-de-sac it seemed closer and larger than it did when we arrived home 10 minutes later. It was moving from left to right across the sky. This is not a one glance kind of thing; on each occasion of the sightings we came ou! t 10-15 minutes later and it was still in the sky, only much further from its originating point. I have never had the dedication (or honestly, intention to) watch it until it disappears out of sight… I’m kind of freaked out by the whole thing and to be honest I’m not sure I want to know where it goes.
I’m not sure what this could be. I’ve considered space station, satellite, and many other possibilities; none seem to be applicable. Last night, I even used the “Google Sky Map” app on my phone to make sure I wasn’t seeing something man-made, and nothing registered in the area it was located. I would try to take a picture, but as I’m sure everyone knows, taking a picture of a star or star-like object isn’t really possible. If anyone has any insight into what this may be, please share!
Lyth Hill, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK – 23/09/2011 2154 hours approx
On the 23rd September 2011 I conducted a sky watch with my colleague Phil Hoyle at Lyth Hill near Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
The aim of this sky watch was to coincide with the re-entry into earth’s atmosphere by the NASA Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), which was predicted to fall to earth anytime from 2100 hours to 0600 hours GMT.
I attended the Lyth Hill location at approx 1930 hours to set up and prepare for the sky watch, with Phil joining me at approx 2100 hours. For those of you that are not familiar with Lyth Hill, it is a small hillside location South of Shrewsbury, and covers views from the North East right around to the West. It is not affected by light pollution and on clear nights you can see approx 50 miles plus.
The weather was part cloudy initially, but by 2100 hours the sky had cleared and we had perfect viewing of the sky and stars right above and to the South. We set up with 2 video cameras both with night shot capability and were joined by colleagues from Cheshire, one of which is an engineer. He brought along his own night vision equipment, so all in all we had it all covered.
From 2100 onwards the sky so clear we were able to see all commercial air traffic which was quite a way over to our West and East at least 20 miles, and at no time during the evening did any aircraft fly over or near us. This was good as we were able to pick out various satellites moving over or near to us in the clear sky and against the stars.
However, at 2154 something quite remarkable happened….
As myself and Phil stood to the left of our video equipment which was facing East at that time recording, directly above me a very bright white flash appeared and from it a white and red solid laser beam type light flashed down and hit the ground between us lasting approx 2 to 3 seconds!
Now, don’t get me wrong this completely made us jump and took us by surprise and straight away I had a tingling feeling run from my fingertips all the way up both my arms, over my shoulders and down to my waist. I immediately felt sick and became very cold. It felt like I had just been electrocuted.
We quickly re-positioned our video cameras to point directly above us to see if we could capture any craft or spheres moving in the sky, but there was nothing…
No aircraft of any type and no satellites were above us, the sky was clear and you could clearly see the stars….
So what was this that fired the beam of light? We do not know, there is no rational explanation to what it could have been. All I know is that I was targeted by something that wanted to let us know it was there watching us, watching them.
So the questions I need answering are: Why fire the beam at us? And what would have happened to me if the beam had it me directly?
We are experienced UFO investigators and researchers, and in all our time studying this subject we have never come across anything like this before. We have reconstructed a picture of what happened putting in a red beam of light to show the trajectory of how it was fired at me. This image was taken approx 25 minutes after I got targeted.
More can be seen on my website blog: http://www.blogger.com/www.cosford-ufo.moonfruit.com
Arizona, Desert – 23/09/11
I just saw this recently new vid (23/09/11) and its one of the best i have ever seen but its not on this website!
Just look at thie video its in pure daylight…
Overland Park, KS (Kansas) – 9-21-11
On the evening of Sept. 21st 2011,the evening sunset was beautiful so the car occupant decided to take a picture. Upon reviewing the picture, there were 4 orbs in the picture that the occupants had not previously seen with their naked eyes. They took two more pictures to confirm what the first picture showed and sure enough they were in all three pictures.
This is just another ufo sighting in a long list of sightings. There have been a rash of ufo sightings in the Kansas City area just this past summer.
City of Tula. Tula region, Central Federal District, Russia – 17.09.2011
I live in the city of Tula (Tula region, Central Federal District, Russia). September 17, 2011 in the period between 23 hours 30 minutes and 00 hours 00 minutes, returning home from work, I passed Feodosievskogo temple, located at the intersection of Kalinina and Plekhanov, as at an altitude of approximately 100 – 150 meters from the ground saw the aircraft . The night was calm weather, the sky was starry, so that could be seen only small clouds, flying past the moon. This object appeared in the form of a ball that emits from all sides red glare, and during the flight which changes its colors from bright red to pink and back again. The ball spun as if by flying. The size of the ball is not great, with a diameter of about 30-40 centimeters. At the moment I saw the ball, it flew great dom! e of the temple on the right side, slowly moving along the vector of my movement in the direction of the tram depot “Krivoluche.” Its speed is not much higher than mine, and was approximately 20-30 kilometers per hour. Any noise emitted by the device, I have not heard. Passing along the street about 300 meters Plekhanov, I clearly saw a flying object on the right side of himself at a distance of 70-100 meters. After passing several houses, educated low-rise (4 or 5 floors) houses, I went out into the open, where the ball and lost sight of. He was not seen anywhere else. Reflecting on what they saw, I went the way home. After about half an hour, coming on as usual on a playground (in size and shape as the average football field) located between the secondary school № 61, Kutuzova street I was about three hundred meters away, as inadvertently raised his eyes up into the sky and saw the flying machine, shining a red light, similar to the one I have seen over the te! mple. He moved closer to the street Kutuzova, almost over it, ! this tim e at an altitude of 200-300 meters from the ground at a speed of 30-40 kilometers per hour toward the sports complex of reconstructed “Metallurg”, which is near the village Morozovka. After seeing his eyes, I gave him the opportunity to hide behind apartment buildings and canopy of tall trees.
In addition, in the night, I took no drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. My mind was clear and alert, even though the lateness of the hour, so as to stay awake September 17th 2011 I started with about 12 hours 00 minutes.
Questions somewhat.
First: What is it? Supertehnologicheskie the scientific developments of the Earth or the creation of extraterrestrial civilizations that place apparently intelligence functions on the unit?
Second: Were the “flying ball” that I saw in two different places one object, or is it two separate flying machine?
And everything else I have a video shot with my mobile phone camera (5.0 megapixel) is just the second meeting of the “red ball” …
Joshua Tree- During Bhakti Fest – Sept. 8, 2011
I saw ten ufo’s bright orange over the ridge. I was a the Bhakti Fest at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center campground looking above a ridge as you walk down the path to the campsites. Saw originally 10 stationary bright orange lights brighter than fire when I was meditating. They were above the ridge so at first I though it was a cell phone tower or somthing like that. Later I looked and it was five. I pointed them out to my friends I was with and we all watched them go out one by one after I pointed them out. Though I take photos all of the time I did not think to capture it on my cell or camera. I do see a posting on this site for August 13, 2010 for the exact ones we saw.
Montreal, Canada – August/September 2011
I would like to send you two videos filmed recently in my area, suburbs of Montreal city (Lanaudiere region). The first video “Firebird” is one of the most impressive captures that I had the chance to film since I started observing UFOs last April. The second video is a more modest one, but still very interesting to watch. Here is the complete description of both sightings:
UFO OVNI – Firebird – 09/17/2011 – Montreal
This Object was first seen flying Southeast direction, over the woods at the far end of the farmlands, and appeared like an airplane flying SIDEWAYS… After a short time, after fixing its headlights to the front, it changed direction to Southwest, travelled diagonally over the farmlands approaching my position, showing an unusual flashing light display, revealing a unique dark unknown “moving shape” attached to the body. The Object came as close to 1/3 mile from me, flying at approx 200 feet in the air then continued its flight and disappeared heading South. Overall, all lights were not perfectly round as we are use to see on “normal” aircraft, and the Object was dead silent and similar to the Shape Shifting Entities UFOs types filmed in my area… The footage is available to watch in HD on Youtube at
UFO OVNI – Spheres – August/September 2011 – Montreal
Visitors again! 3 Nights, 3 Observations – Filmed on August 17-18 & September 10, 2011. The footage is available to watch in HD on Youtube at
Indianapolis, Indiana 56th Georgetown road west side – June 28th 20011
bout a week after they took the 4th amendment out of indianas legislature i was dropping a buddy off at his moms house me and him noticed unmarked federal crown vics and a blacked out surveilance van at the intersection passed them i dropped him off pulled off and saw four lights moving at less than 10000 feet moving slow over the feild on the left heading due norht it shook me i popped my camaro in reverse and pulled back in his drive way and his mom aq marion county supreme court justice came out and said the neighbors were letting off helium ballons. Bull shit i was in the infantry that wasnt no balloon. my grand fathers a 32nd degree master mason member of the york rite now bout a week after that sighting indianapolis metropolitan police department seized my taurus 45 and my carry ! permit as i was walking through a mall then the next day as i was picking trash up at the art center in broadripple two impd officers an officer peace noones last name is peace btw… came up grabbed me and tased me without the opportunity to cooperate they took me in on immediate detention dosed me with haldol and stuck me in a psych ward trynta discredit me and restric my rights. war is inevitable they want 80percent of the population to get destroyed and not be able to do shit so the remaining is easily cotrollabll annunaki i am one i am raphael i need this to be spread if not these extra demensional beings will engage for our people ahave been blinded and are corrupted and lost sight of true light even a pyramid will crumble under mother earth i know alot
Haymarket, Virginia – 1/22/2011
Occurred : 1/22/2011 20:40 (Entered as : 01/22/11 20:40)
Reported: 1/24/2011 6:26:36 AM 06:26
Posted: 1/31/2011
Location: Haymarket, VA
Shape: Disk
Duration:2-3 seconds
Four very fast red disks in formation over Virginia
January 22, 2011 Haymarket, VA 8:40 – 8:45 pm I was visiting my son and enjoying his hot tub by myself on the rear deck of his home. It was a cold night and no one else in the family was interested in dealing with getting out of the tub in the cold. I have enjoyed the night sky my whole life and can stare at the stars for hours at a time. I had been in the tub for approximately 45 minutes. I was facing a southwest direction. The rear of the two story house was to my right. There is an eight foot high arbor to my left at the end of the deck which is about 16 foot away.
Four round lights crossed the sky in front of me traveling at a very high speed. They were going from right to left. I first saw them come from behind the house and they disappeared past the arbor. There was no sound and no tail from any one of the objects.
All four lights were red, blurry, not bright, and a little darker towards the middle, lighter around the blurred edge. All were traveling at the exact same speed and stayed in the same configuration during the entire time of my sighting which lasted no more than 2 to 3 seconds. They were traveling VERY fast, certainly not planes of any kind. They did not change direction.
If I hold my hand up at arms length, the size of the lights was approximately ¼” in diameter and the lights were approximately 2” apart. The three trailing lights formed a “v” shape with the bottom point of the “v” the trailing light. The fourth light was leading the others to the left and forward of the “v” pattern. All light were the same distance apart.
The group was traveling in a south direction and were to the right of Orion’s Belt. The angle of my sight line was 45 degrees above the horizon. I first noticed the lights at approximately 5 degrees to the right of vertical as they past from behind the house and lost sight of them at approximately 40 degrees to the left of vertical as they went behind the arbor.
I had a similar experience 6 years ago. That time it was only one red object, delta shaped and that time, the object changed direction while I watched.
If anyone has an explanation of this sighting or saw anything similar, please let me know, there was definitely something there and someone else must of seen it. I am a 60 year old Architect from NJ.
Source: http://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net/

The above are just a small portion of all the UFO sightings occurring all over the world. The Lions of Zion have air supremacy. Yahweh offered surrender as an option to the nations. Surrender and then obedience to Her Rule over death and destruction. But the nations protested with silence, and the silence from within was this: “But they protested: We won’t!” Jeremiah 6:16 “[ Disaster Because of Disobedience ] This is what the LORD says: Stand by the roadways and look. Ask about the ancient paths: Which is the way to what is good? Then take it and find rest for yourselves. But they protested: We won’t!”