Bank of America Site Crashes, Day After $5 Debit Fee Rule

Psalm 68:33 ”to Him who rides in the ancient, highest heavens. Look, He thunders with His powerful voice!”

The thunder you hear in thunder storms, that is Mother’s voice. Since She is nature in the raw, you know when She is angry. Look at the largest banking system in the USA – American Bank, and look what She did to one of its branches last night in Texas. She symbolically pruned it to show Her disapproval for their robbing the people with added charges on their debit cards. Just as She struck the great monument with an earthquake that symbolically rocked this nation. All symbolic of how corrupt this empire of Satan’s really is, and how they sit upon Her, and how She can so easily disrupt or destroy what they hold as valuable and cause them to reel from Her anger.

A day after news that Bank of America would hit some debit card customers with a $5 monthly fee, the bank’s home page went down on Friday morning,  reported

Many users reported not being able to access their accounts after logging on through the home page. By early afternoon ET, the site was still experiencing sporadic problems.

A Bank of America spokeswoman said some customers were experiencing issues, but “everything is fine now.”

She added, that while the bank doesn’t comment on specific technical issues, this “had nothing to do with yesterday or hacking or anything to do with customers information being compromised.”

Some users received the message: “We apologize, but Online Banking is operating slower than usual. We are working to restore full service as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.”

Other services, including looking up an ATM or a branch, appear to be operational, reported – ABCNews

Bank of America Damaged in Storm

RIVER OAKS – The River Oaks community of Tarrant County woke up this morning to see the impact the powerful and fast-moving storms had on the area.

While no one was injured in the storms that blew through North Texas Thursday evening, many people woke up to discover they were without power and many neighborhoods had downed trees and electric lines.

Early Friday morning, Oncor reported about 6,000 homes were without power in the Dallas area and just under 2,000 in Fort Worth. Those numbers went down to a combined 4,700 households by noon.

Residents said the storm blew through quickly, saying it began with light rain and then gained force, developing into powerful winds and a heavy downpour.

Some area businesses along River Oaks Boulevard now face many repairs from the damage. A Bank of America drive-thru was damaged, putting the ATM out of service and the roof of a nearby barbershop was partially peeled away by the strong winds. – WFAA