Videos: Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Much is going on. The LOZ are confronting the BEAST with hits from beneath the earth. And soon, no one will doubt the USA being our Mother’s choice of targets. Satan is a LIAR and never intended to abandon his child without putting up a fierce fight to the end. So be it. They will feel the ripple effect. The Beast was given its chance to surrender and threw it away.

How can they hope to win? We control the air, sea, and beneath the ground. Every one of Satan’s past defenses beneath the earth, and from the skies, they have been decimated by our Brothers and Sisters of the LOZ legions. No one can defeat us, not even outside intruders.

Source: Latest UFO Sightings

UFO activity over Santiago, Chile 25-Sep-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting footage of mass UFO activity in the sky over Santiago, Chile was submitted to me by our reader. This was recorded on Sunday, 25th September 2011.

Witness report: Several orbs forming lines, moving from north to south. I was published in a national newspaper online ( very conservative editorial but trustable. Also 24th september were a blackout over the country and several witness saw this same kind of light and movement.
Author: Pablo

UFO Sightings Over Brooklyn, NY September 26, 2011

New videos of unknown objects or orbs over Brooklyn, New York filmed from four different angles. According to the person who posted this video on Youtube, these was taken on Monday, 26th September 2011.

Possible Tr-3b sighting over Pine Bush, NY September 26, 2011

This triangle-shaped craft (possible Tr-3B) was recorded hovering in the night sky over Pine Bush in New York on Monday, 26th September 2011.
UFOs Flying Over Auckland, New Zealand September 26, 2011
Bright objects were seen and filmed flying across the sky over Auckland in New Zealand on Tuesday, 27th September 2011.