The battle of Broadway: Protesters clash with police as officers make 80 arrests during anti-capitalist march in Manhattan

Anti-capitalist protesters clashed with police in New York yesterday after beginning an impromptu march up one of the city’s most famous streets.

Police officers were accused of using overly-aggressive tactics as they battled to control the quick-moving demonstrators who left their camp near Wall Street to march up Broadway.

Scores of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ demonstrators were arrested, cuffed with plastic tags and dragged on to sidewalks. One video showing a protester thrown to the floor by an officer with little provocation.

Some protesters were calling: ‘Banks got bailed out, we got sold out’ and calling shoppers to join them. At least 80 protesters connected with the protest were held near Union Square in Manhattan.

Protesters have been camped in Wall Street since last Saturday – sleeping on cardboard boxes, eating pizza and takeaway dinners that were paid for by donations to their cause.

There are around 200 left in the makeshift camp, down from their peak of 1,500.

‘They’re angry at what’s going on in the world,’ said Rich Marini, 37, a software writer from Great Kills who has been taking part in the protest.

‘But it’s a good atmosphere. They have a sense of love with each other.’

Mr Marini said the protest is driven by the fact that college kids are graduating only to find there are no jobs. ‘They’re putting the pieces together,’ he added. ‘And Wall Street is the main focus of that.’

The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest is entering its second week. Demonstrators said they are protesting bank bailouts, the mortgage crisis and now the U.S. state of Georgia’s execution of Troy Davis.

At Union Square, police tried to corral the demonstrators using orange plastic netting. Some of the arrests were filmed and activists posted the videos online.

Police say the arrests were mostly for blocking traffic. Charges include disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

But one demonstrator was charged with assaulting a police officer. Police say the officer involved suffered a shoulder injury.

Protest spokesman Patrick Bruner criticised the police response as ‘exceedingly violent’ and said the protesters sought to remain peaceful.

West Brighton resident Richard Reichard, who works just above Wall Street, said it’s important to remind Americans that it was the financial services industry that plunged the U.S. into recession.

‘And government was asleep at the switch,’ he said.

A barricade was set up to protect the NYSE building as protesters marched past it. Police watched proceedings carefully after a scuffle on Tuesday that led to seven arrests and an injured protester.

Four more protesters were arrested Wednesday for disorderly conduct and released. Mr Marini said the NYPD has been ‘rough’ with the protesters.

‘They’re picking off people they can arrest for any little thing,’ he claimed. – Mail Online


This ministry has reported on various protests around the world for some time. We warned that it was only a matter of time before those in the US began to protest. The U.S. is now feeling the discontent from its citizens for the slavery they have imposed upon its citizens.

This country is Satan’s model of democracy. Would you prefer Mother Yahweh’s theocratic Rule over Satan’s poorly run government that treats its citizens no better than the Egyptian government did in Moses’ day?

More revolts are coming, and as the United States takes more and more away from its own people while continuing to squander their future earnings in a massive collection of debt owed to its lenders. Satan’s throne will eventually collapse.