Sea-floor spreading rates: Are we seeing signs the process is becoming more active?

September 25, 2011 – CHILE – To the casual observer, they’re just more remote earthquakes in the middle of the ocean, however, on closer examination; four moderate earthquakes have erupted on tectonic plate boundaries where the sea-floor is actively spreading. The earthquakes have occurred in sequence where the rate of spreading is most pronounced to less pronounced, beginning with 2 earthquakes, a 5.6 and 5.0, on the Central East Pacific Rise of the Nazca Plate, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake has occurred to the south on the less active West Chile Rise, and the fourth earthquake, a 4.8 occurred on the least active ridge of them all, the Mauritius-Reunion Region east of Africa. All this activity has occurred in the space of 27 hours. We should watch for additional seismic stress on South America via the Nazca tectonic Plate. –The Extinction Protocol

A great divide in the earth’s crust will soon open and remain so. It will be so large and deep that scientist will flock to the area to study it.