Death-toll from 6.9 earthquake in Sikkim surpasses 100

The death toll from the weekend earthquake in the Himalayas crossed 100 Wednesday as rescue workers struggled to reach remote villages and helicopters airlifted the injured and stranded. Sunday’s 6.9-magnitude quake struck the border of India’s northeastern state of Sikkim and Nepal, bringing destruction to towns and villages on both sides as well as in southern Tibet and the tiny kingdom of Bhutan. From a helipad in Mangan in northern Sikkim, military and private helicopters flew regular sorties, taking food and medical supplies to outlying villages and bringing back injured survivors and a number of foreign tourists. In the state capital Gangtok, 70 kilometres (40 miles) southeast of the epicentre, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling confirmed 68 deaths in Sikkim and said there was still no contact with a number of villages in the quake zone. Rescue efforts began in earnest after emergency teams and relief workers spent two days battling heavy rains, damaged roads and landslides to reach the worst-affected areas. S.K. Pradhan, the district magistrate of Chungtang, close to the epicentre, said he saw signs of badly damaged villages as he flew over the sparsely populated area. “We could see bodies lying in the debris, but for now our priority is to evacuate the injured and then we will take stock of the dead,” he said. “We are still not able to contact many remote villages.” Doctors at Mangan district hospital said most of the seriously injured had badly crushed limbs and bodies after being caught in rockfalls or building collapses. A company building a huge hydroelectric plant in Chungtang said 18 of its employees had been killed. –Terra Daily

All things written in the Word correlate together. Consider this example:

Joshua 10:18 “Joshua said, “Roll large stones against the mouth of the cave, and station men by it to guard the kings.”

Now, consider that one single stone was rolled over the mouth of the opening of our own King, Christ’s tomb. Guards were placed in front of the tomb’s entrance. What happened to those guards when Yahweh sent Her holy angels at the appointed time? What will happen to Satan’s guards over his tomb on earth he has been encased within? Fear of Yahweh is something that must be learned. Satan learned it the hard way, and mankind will learn it also.

If you are on the receiving end – YAHWEH IS TO BE FEARED. Just as She devastated an ancient number of worlds, including this one on several occasions, She is about to do it again. Whether She uses us to bring forth the devastation to mankind and Satan’s footprint, or She does it Herself, it still comes forth from the One that is to be feared.

Wisdom must be given by Yahweh: Is your heart receptive?