U.S. protesters stage major demonstration against Wall Street

Lisa Fithian said she’s not part of any official group and that the “occupation” of Wall Street is the work of many people coming together with the same message. “Wall Street is certainly the heart of why we’re here. It’s the corporations — the big banks in this country have been destroying this country,” said Fithian. “Overfees or high mortgages, student loans, the banks are touching every aspect of our lives.” She added that banks and the wealthy have taken money for their own interests and their own survival. “The people here are saying enough of that,” said Fithian. Inspired by events around the world, she drew the analogy to Tahrir Square in Egypt and said the power of the people is leading to change. “I’m here, I’m tweeting,” said one protester. The protest was also being streamed live around the world, and one protester estimated that at least 5,000 people were watching. People brought sleeping bags and cardboard boxes and planned to spend at least one night. “We as the people who are not investment banks need to come up with a different solution to the way things are going right now,” said a protester. This event was largely organized by a social networking site called Occupy Wall Street. Police said two people wearing bandanas over their faces have been taken into custody after trying to enter the building that houses Bank of America and that none of the activists sought permits for the protests. –NY1

The USA is involved in a covert plan to prevent Christ from taking possession of this planet for his Millennial Rule, and if people knew there would be chaos. The hope extended from Christ and Yahweh is what keeps many people sane. This will play out like it did with ancient Egypt; the government back then, and all of the Egyptian people knew it was Yahweh bringing the plagues as punishment. That’s why Mother said the nations would have to know the threat comes from Her side of this conflict. And Yahweh noted that the kings of this planet would plot against Her Plan to take back possession of the earth. That means they have to know what is going on, and Satan is the one that gives counsel to his generals.