Trio of space station crew members set for landing

(Reuters) – Three crewmembers left the International Space Station for Earth on Thursday while their replacements remain delayed by an investigation into a Russian launch accident.

Former station commander Andrey Borisenko, cosmonaut Alexander Samokutyaev and U.S. astronaut Ron Garan sealed themselves inside one of two Russian Soyuz capsules parked at the outpost at 5:30 p.m. EDT/(2130 GMT), closing out a five-month mission.

Three hours later, the Soyuz slipped out its berthing port at the station, a recently completed $100 billion project of 16 nations. Touchdown in Kazakhstan is set for midnight EDT/(0400 GMT) on Friday.

“It’s hard to believe it’s time,” NASA astronaut Mike Fossum, the new station commander, said during a farewell ceremony broadcast on NASA Television.

“We don’t want to see you go. We like the company,” he said. “We love the friendship. We’ve lived together closer than families in many ways. We wish you all the best.”

The returning crew’s replacements — NASA flight engineer Dan Burbank and cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Anatoly Ivanishin — were scheduled to arrive September 24 but the flight was delayed following an August 24 launch accident involving an unmanned Russian cargo ship bound for the station.

The upper-stage motor that failed on the Russian Progress rocket, causing it to burn up in the atmosphere and shower debris across part of Siberia, is virtually identical to one used to fly crew to the station on Soyuz rockets.

The new crew is now scheduled to launch on November 14 and arrive at the station two days later.

The departure of Borisenko, Samokutyaev and Garan will leave Fossum, Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa and Russia’s Sergei Volkov, on their own for an extended two-month period.

They will have little time to prepare the new crew to take over the station before heading home themselves around November 22.

The Progress launch failure is believed to have been caused by blockage in a kerosene fuel line.Russia plans to fly another cargo ship on October 30 before launching the next station crew.

With the retirement of the U.S. space shuttles this summer, crews can reach the station only aboard Russian rockets. China, the only other country able to fly people into orbit, is not a partner in the space station.

The current U.S. plan is to pay Russia to fly NASA astronauts, at a cost of more than $50 million per person, until U.S. companies are able to do so. – Reuters

Seraiah warned Satan that the sun will soon heat up the ISS and other manned outposts to the point that all life aboard them would be terminated. Satan knows Seraiah was not bluffing to end the manned space platforms, but instead was giving forewarning that he could ponder for the welfare of those intruders of Yahweh’s domain.Leave them out there and suffer the death dealing consequences, or bring them back to their natural habitation. The same situation that the fallen angels were faced with prior to the global deluge. They either had to return to their natural habitation or die in a hostile environment.

In a past post we noted that the ISS was beginning to heat up. NASA has kept this dilemma under wraps. Release of that information would require further explanation of WHY? The United States and Russia do not want to spread panic throughout this world of a planet that is not only heating up within its core, but also from the star that supplies it with the essence of life. That would reveal just how far out of harmony everything is becoming in these last days.

Recently, Satan met with the Bilderberg Group and warned them to evacuate the International Space Station as well as the covert posts occupied in other areas of outer space.