Flood and dam watches continue

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Utility crews concentrated on outlying areas of Saratoga and surrounding counties early Monday, seeking to restore power to approximately 22,600 customers.

At 8 a.m., National Grid was reporting about 15,380 customers without power in Saratoga, Warren and Washington counties. Schenectady County was reporting about 7,220 customers without power, many of those along a swath that bordered Saratoga County’s southwest line in Glenville.

There were numerous scattered outages of a handful or less of customers in these regions, making difficult estimating restoration times.

According to National Grid’s public information website, restoration was expected to nearly all customers in the Greater Albany region by Thursday. Some outages in more isolated locations in the Adirondacks or other outlying areas where transmission lines were damaged have been told restoration could be delayed until next week.

At its peak, outages resulting from tropical storm Irene numbered approximately 140,000 customers throughout northeast New York, National Grid representatives have indicated.

Meanwhile, officials are still monitoring the swollen Mohawk and Hudson rivers, as flood waters make their way downstream. County emergency management officials continued to watch the the Vischer Ferry Dam on the Mohawk River in Clifton Park.

The Hudson River was expected to crest in Schuylerville today and then Stillwater and Mechanicville on Wednesday.

In Washington County, residents of the Mill Hollow section of the village of Greenwich were still out of their homes Tuesday because of concerns about a crack in a nearby dam on the Batten Kill. Residents are awaiting an inspection of the dam before they’ll learn when they can return to their homes.

In Middle Falls, the Route 29 bridge over the Batten Kill will remain closed until waters subside and an inspection can take place.

Areas like Waterford in the southern portion of Saratoga County have already seen severe issues with rising rivers and flooding. Hundreds of people were evacuated from their Waterford homes Monday as the Hudson River spilled over its banks. – The Saratogian

Troy city officials find damage at Poestenkill Dam

TROY — Goerge Reeves’s basement on Ida Street in Troy was under water on Sunday during Tropical Storm Irene. The last thing he needs now is the threat of another possible flood.

“I’m worried that this is going to flood again yes,” said Reeves who owns a home along the creek.

The possibility is coming from the Poestenkill Creek Dam. The city said the north side of the dam has been compromised because of Irene. The city engineer said perhaps a large boulder struck the surface, crushed it and penetrated it. A portion of the spillway was also fractured. If the entire structure fails, it could be a problem for Reeves and his neighbors downstream on Ida Street.

“I’m 54 years old. This is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this, especially in the city of Troy,” said Ida Street resident Carolyn Murray.

Troy city officials are working to prevent a dam failure. Crews were out Thursday and Friday trying to shore things up with about 500 sand bags. The sand bags are used to divert the water from the affected area of the dam so engineers can have a better look at the damage. Then they will make necessary repairs. Troy Mayor Harry Tutunjian said there’s no need for residents to panic.

“There’s no threat right now of the dam breaking. I think we got it pretty well contained,” Tutunjian said. “There’s a crack. There’s some damage. They’re trying to identify it and getting to make repairs to it so that if this ever happens again the dam will be in better shape than before.” – WNYT.com

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