The Space Station: Will NASA Abandon Ship?

Critics of NASA aren’t saying “I told you so” yet, but some of them are surely muttering it under their breath. The word from the space agency last week was that the International Space Station (ISS), the American-led, $100 billion skyliner that has been continually occupied by astronauts for more than a decade, may have to be evacuated by early December if the Russian space agency can’t sort out what caused an unmanned Soyuz rocket on a resupply mission to crash into Siberia on Aug. 24, scattering nearly 2 tons of cargo across a barren stretch near the Mongolian border. Since post-shuttle NASA relies on Soyuz rockets to carry American astronauts up and down, it may mean everyone out of the pool till the booster malfunction can be analyzed and fixed.

Things weren’t supposed to happen this way. When the final space shuttle was at last mothballed in July, space planners accepted that it would be a few years at least before the U.S. would have a new way to put astronauts in space. That’s not as bad as it seems: NASA was similarly grounded from 1975 to 1981, between the Apollo and shuttle programs. And while we didn’t have a space station that needed tending back then, we also weren’t on friendly terms with the Russians — who these days are happy to sell us seats aboard their workhorse Soyuz, a booster that first flew in 1966 and has since logged 745 safe launches against just 21 failures.

But the Aug. 24 flight added to that failure list, with a third-stage generator malfunctioning in the 325th second of the flight, leading to the crash. Had a crew been aboard, they probably would have been able to abort in time, but that’s hardly a sufficient margin of error for future flights, and so the entire Soyuz line has been grounded until future notice. There is no risk that the six astronauts aboard the ISS — three Russians, two Americans and one Japanese — will run out of supplies anytime soon; the station generally overstocks against just this kind of eventuality. But the carefully planned crew rotation has been thrown into turmoil.

A fresh crew of three was supposed to have been launched on Sept. 22 to relieve half of the current station occupants. If that flight does not go ahead, the existing crew can stay aboard only so long. A pair of Soyuz spacecraft with three seats each are docked at the station, serving as guaranteed tickets home. But safety rules prohibit the ships from remaining in space for more than 200 days, since their batteries can lose power and corrosive thruster fuel can degrade rubberized seals. The clock expires in September for one of the capsules and early December for the other. Without a new crew, the astronauts will simply have to hit the lights, lock the door and leave the place empty. – Time

Recently, Satan met with the Bilderberg Group and warned them to evacuate the International Space Station as well as the covert posts occupied in other areas of outer space.

Whether anyone on earth realizes it or not, this group (Bilderberg Group) under the head of Satan’s advice are the true authority over this planet.

They will push for the international currency to shore up failing nations, and will be instrumental in bringing prophecy to bear concerning the mark of the beast. One world of people under a one world government. But some nations will oppose this rule, and world war will culminate right up to the time the LOZ are summoned to administer the wrath of our Creator.

Edit 9/4/11: In addition to the above story, the MSM is now reporting that the ISS is being evacuated due to Space Junk that is destroying it.

Two cover stories to cover over the truth. Seraiah warned Satan that the sun will soon heat up the ISS and other manned outposts to the point that all life aboard them would be terminated. Satan knows Seraiah was not bluffing to end the manned space platforms, but instead was giving forewarning that he could ponder for the welfare of those intruders of Yahweh’s domain.Leave them out there and suffer the death dealing consequences, or bring them back to their natural habitation. The same situation that the fallen angels were faced with prior to the global deluge. They either had to return to their natural habitation or die in a hostile environment.

In a past post we noted that the ISS was beginning to heat up. NASA has kept this dilemma under wraps. Release of that information would require further explanation of WHY? The United States and Russia do not want to spread panic throughout this world of a planet that is not only heating up within its core, but also from the star that supplies it with the essence of life. That would reveal just how far out of harmony everything is becoming in these last days.