Dead sea life washes up on shore after oil spill

Fishermen pick dead shrimp out of their haul in Leting county, Tangshan, North China’s Hebei province, Aug 31, 2011. Large quantities of the seafood they hauled in were dead. Hebei is located by Bohai Bay, where an oil spill occurred on June 4 and is yet to be stopped. Local fishermen said a lot of young fish and other seafood products kept dying in their fishery this year for no reason, before they learned from the news that an oil spill in Bohai Bay was the cause. “It’s a total loss of business this year,” a seafood farmer said. “All the young sea cucumbers I put in the waters were floating there, and melted like ice cream within two days. I lost all my investment.” Gao, Party secretary of a local village, said the Jingtang ports of Hebei province may have lost as much as 100 million yuan ($15.5 million) from the oil spill. The spilled oil from Penglai 19-3 oilfield has spread to at least 5,500 square kilometers, and has affected 24,300 square kilometers of water. – China Daily

Watch what will soon wash up from the dying seas. A deadly brew is fermenting and will soon surface. Your coastlines will become stagnated with the death toll.