So hot, fires now starting themselves

Firefighters said a brush fire started Saturday due to spontaneous combustion in a mulch or compost pile. The fire burned an area of dense bamboo behind a home near Mopac and Windsor.

“As bacteria starts building up and it starts decomposing that starts heat to build up,” Lt. Jim Baker with the Austin Fire Department said Sunday. “In this heat, everything is dry and it’s not uncommon for mulch piles to spontaneously ignite.”

Baker said at this point it doesn’t take much to start a fire.

“This is the hottest time of the year, everything is dry. it’s just ready to burn,” he said.

Jill Lavigne works at The Great Outdoors Nursery in south Austin. She said it’s important to keep up with your compost pile.

“Usually it rains, you don’t have to worry about it that often, but since it hasn’t rained it’s good to stand there with a hose and get it nice and thorough,” she said.

She said the temperature should stay below 160 degrees. It should not be too hot to touch.

“If center is getting above 160, you might want to hose it down or turn it again,” said Lavigne.

She said smaller compost piles are more manageable.

“If you have a big pile, divide it into two piles,” she said. “The bigger the pile the hotter it can get in the center.”

AFD said in addition to minding your compost, you should also keep an eye on the brush around it.

“If you don’t keep the vegetation around your compost pile very short, it adds to the fire and it can just take off running,” said Baker. – KXAN

Father Yahweh is bringing back balance to Her creation on earth. We see destruction in nature as the remedy for imbalance in natural disasters. Earthquakes that destroy structures and foundations as well as change landscapes. Fire (sometimes used purposefully as a tool) that destroys grass and trees that in time grow back greener and healthier. Volcanoes that erupt and bury things as well as change landscapes. Tsunamis and Hurricanes that wash away everything but can also cleanse and restore. It does appear that destruction in one way or another is a tool in which balance is achieved.

Isaiah 65:11, 12
“But you who abandon the LORD,
who forget My holy mountain,
who prepare a table for Fortune
and fill bowls of mixed wine for Destiny,
I will destine you for the sword,
and all of you will kneel down to be slaughtered,
because I called and you did not answer,
I spoke and you did not hear;
you did what was evil in My sight
and chose what I did not delight in.”