Monthly Archive: August, 2011

Texas Lake Turns Blood-Red

A Texas lake that turned blood-red this summer may not be a sign of the End Times, but probably is the end of a popular fishing and recreation spot. A drought has left… Continue reading

Catastrophism in the Ring of Fire: seven 6.0+ earthquakes in eight days

I’ve identified four areas on the Pacific Plate that have been a source of an inordinate amount of recent strong earthquake activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire. We’ve had seven 6.0+ magnitude… Continue reading

Magma plume activity: Etna experiences seventh eruption in 2011

The Mount Etna volcano on the southern Italian island of Sicily erupted this weekend spewing ash and volcanic debris more than 300 metres into the air and sending lava down its slopes. This… Continue reading

EU to toughen sanctions after Syria bloodbath

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – The EU is likely to toughen sanctions against the Syrian regime after some 100 people were reportedly killed in the city of Hama when government tanks stormed in on… Continue reading

Under Obama, U.S. unemployment worse than Mexico

President Obama promised he would fundamentally transform America – and he has.  On Sunday, Kevin McCullough of Townhall reported that Mexico has a lower unemployment rate than the United States. Sporting a brand new… Continue reading

Crop Circles Gaining Notoriety – Scientists Search for Answers

Crop circle creation theory: physics, not aliens As reported by and many other major MSM news sources today: “The question led researcher Richard Taylor of the University of Oregon to rule out… Continue reading