Crop circles appear in Northumberland

SUSPECT markings in a field in Northumberland are causing a stir with villagers, motorists – and one irate landowner.

People driving between Alnwick and Alnmouth are being treated to the unusual sight of four vast crop circles which have appeared in middle of a wheat field off the A1068.

The spectacle has been causing people to pull over and make special trips out to the remote location just so they can study the markings, which have appeared in the past two weeks close to Alndyke Farm.

One villager said: “It was Sunday when I drove past and first saw them.

“Approaching the field they’re visible from quite some distance from the road and there’s been lots of people pulling over to go and see them.

“It’s caused a stir among people living in the area, it’s not something you see every day in places like Northumberland. It is normally places like Wiltshire where you hear about sightings of crop circles, not here.

“RAF Boulmer is just nearby and I’ve heard the helicopters overhead so assume they’re aware of them.

“The largest circle must be more than eight metres wide. Even if it’s just the work of people after the pubs have shut, it’s still pretty impressive to see.” – Journal Live

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