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Hurricane Irene Spawns Tornadoes

August 27, 2011

As Hurricane Irene moved north, with its winds and torrents of rain, it caused tornadoes in at least four states, and officials warned they could be as dangerous as the hurricane itself.

Tornadoes were reported in New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

Delaware’s Gov. Jack Markell said he believed a tornado tore through 17 homes near Lewes, Del., and off Rehoboth Beach, the National Weather Service reported a waterspout — essentially, a tornado out at sea. There were no reports of major injuries.

At least five homes in the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach, Va., sustained major damage from a tornado, said Mary Hancock, a spokeswoman for the city, but the area had already been evacuated and there were no injuries reported. Several other homes in the area were less seriously damaged.

“The category of hurricane doesn’t explain all the risk,” Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate said. “Rainfall and tornadoes are not tied to the category of a storm … some of the most devastating floods have been from tropical storms.”

What do tornadoes have to do with hurricanes? A hurricane is a giant vortex of low presure sending wind and rain whipping around — but also drawing air in from other, dryer areas to fill the vacuum created by the storm. When cooler, dryer air collides with the muggy air of the hurricane, the conditions are ripe for funnel clouds to spin off in almost any direction.

While the tornadoes are much smaller than the hurricane itself, they can be considerably more intense. Their strength — and the amount of damage they can cause — is not related to the strength of the hurricane.

Americans most often hear about tornadoes in the Midwest and South, especially in the spring as cold air from Canada is pushed back by the growing warmth in the Gulf of Mexico. That formula makes for the largest number of tornadoes on earth. But meteorologists say they can happen anywhere on the planet — and in a hurricane, all bets are off. – ABC News

The name Irene is no mere coincidence. It is the operational code name of the LOZ members directing the course of that hurricane. This will be such a crushing for not only the loss of life, but a huge hit to the U.S. economy as no money will be available to rebuild what is about to topple and be brought asunder. Satan has directed nearly all of his demonic forces to scramble and try to force Irene off course. While he does this, watch what the other LOZ operational groups do else where. Satan’s troops cannot be everywhere at once. Another earthquake is in the making, and Satan has pulled his troops out of that battle to halt it. Now he is forced with choosing his battles more wisely. The LOZ are alsi working not only the fault-lines, but also some volcanoes that will set off a chain reaction of devastating events. Soon, the news commentators will questuion as to whether or not this entire planet is breaking apart.

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  1. JD
    September 18, 2011 at 9:24 PM | #1

    H. Irene was a “love tap”. The Most High graciously heard the prayers of the good people who live in the path of the storm and others concerned who live elsewhere who have suffered from Hurricanes who also prayed. What was to be a 3 or 4 was a 1. I live in the heart of Hurricane country. We live by the grace of the Most HIgh, who also is a G-d of Mercy as well as Justice. A Cat 1 is very tolerable. People need to appreciate the blessing they just received. My thanks to the Most High for hearing my prayers on this matter.

    • September 19, 2011 at 7:20 PM | #2

      The LOZ has been primarily going for collateral damage to bring forth Yahweh’s prophecy of economic collapse for the U.S. as well as global economic collapse. Behind each natural disaster around the world is a fierce battle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. Continue to pray that you are protected and delivered from evil. Remain focused on Father and reach for Her light.

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