Third 7.0 in Four Days and Other Major Earthquake Activity

This is a compilation of several stories in the news today that bring attention to some major seismic events of the past few days. As we’ve already reported on the D.C. Earthquake, we’ll report on the others here:

Deep 7.0 magnitude earthquake shakes Peru – third 7.0 earthquake to strike the world in 4 days

A 7.0 -magnitude earthquake shook buildings in Peru’s capital city, Lima, on Wednesday, witnesses and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said. The quake was quickly followed by a 5.3 aftershock. The USGS said the epicenter of the quake was 82.07 kilometres north of Pucallpa, in the Peruvian Amazon forest close to the Brazilian border. The USGS said the quake, initially upgraded to a magnitude 6.9, was 145.2 km deep. –Globe and Mail

By the Numbers: For once, the low earthquake figure on the USGS global grid belies the disturbing fact of just how much the planet has been shaking in the month of August and the statistics are quite alarming. Typically, the worlds sees an average of fifteen 7.0+ magnitude earthquakes a year- we’ve already had three in the month of August- two in Vanuatu, and one in Peru. We’ve had seven earthquakes of the 6.0+ range in August and have seen more than 18 earthquakes in the upper 5.6 to 5.9 range. This includes four in Vanuatu, three in Japan, three in Papua New Guinea, two in the Sandwich Islands, one in Alaska, one in Kermadec, one in the Solomon Islands, one in Pakistan, one in Xinjiang, China,  one in Ecuador, and one in Virginia. We’re returning to a cluster period of very high seismic activity reminiscent of the 1960′s. This is particularly the case with large earthquake events but by 2012, if the current trend continues to escalate; we could go way beyond what we’re seeing now. –The Extinction Protocol

Surface inflation reported at El Hierro volcano in the Canary Island- we may be moving towards an event

Well, we’ve been wondering when we might see more signs of magma rising underneath El Hierro in the Canary Island and now we seem to have got some. Over the last month, the island/volcano has experienced thousands of earthquakes that have waxed and waned in number, but seem to be increasing over time. A GPS survey of the area effected by the earthquakes has now found deformation – namely inflation – over part of the volcano. This inflation is on the order of ~1 cm over the last 20-25 days according to the Instituto Volcanologico de Canarias. There are also slightly increased carbon dioxide and temperature (above background) at the volcano as well. All of these signs add to up new magma rising in the volcano – so the big question becomes  “does this mean an eruption is around the corner?” Well, my answer to that is a resounding “maybe.” Sure, these are all signs of magma emplacement, but there is likely as much chance of it all “stalling” in the crust as an eruption occurring. It will be how these factors – earthquakes, deformation, gas emissions, temperature – change over the next weeks to months that will give us a better idea of whether we will see the first documented eruption at El Hierro since 550 B.C. (or 1793 A.D., depends on if you trust the historical reports from the late 18th century). –Big Think

U.S. seismic hazard zones awaken: Long Valley super-volcano earthquake swarm notice

While the East Coast recovers from earthquake jitters, small quakes have been rocking California. A minor jolt struck the San Francisco Bay area Wednesday at 9:57 a.m., just hours after a similar temblor hit the same spot late Tuesday night. The U.S. Geological Survey says both magnitude- 3.6 quakes were centered about six miles southeast of Oakland along the Hayward fault, a major Northern California fault zone. The Sierra Nevada high country was also rattled by an earthquake early Wednesday. The USGS says a magnitude- 4.4 quake hit at 4:59 a.m. about nine miles southeast of Mammoth Lakes. A Mono County sheriff’s dispatcher says authorities have had no reports of damage. A magnitude-5.8 quake jolted much of the eastern United States on Tuesday. –Sac Bee 

5.3 magnitude earthquake shakes southern Colorado- the largest quake in 40 years

Southern Colorado was rattled by a magnitude 4.6 earthquake Monday evening near Trinidad. That quake was overshadowed by a much stronger 5.3 magnitude earthquake which struck near the same region. A string of aftershocks followed. The same area had been struck by a gentler temblor earlier in the morning. According to the US Geological Survey, the 4.6 quake occurred at 5:30pm and was centered 16 miles west southwest of Trinidad or 20 miles west northwest of Raton, New Mexico. The quake occurred at a relatively shallow depth of 5.0 miles. Initial reports show the quake was felt in Trinidad and as far north as La Veta and Aguilar. To the south in New Mexico, Raton felt the shaking as well as Springer and Questa. This morning, a magnitude 2.9 quake struck the same area at 7:52am.  This also follows a magnitude 2.8 temblor in March. Other quakes up to magnitude 4.1 have been recorded in January 2010 as well as a series of quakes in the area in August 2009. The earthquake’s epicenter was 299 km (185 miles) S of DENVER, Colorado. –The Examiner

California earthquake: 3.6 quake shakes San Francisco Bay Area

A magnitude-3.6 earthquake rolled through the San Francisco Bay Area just before midnight Wednesday, centered in the East Bay suburb of San Leandro.

The quake, which struck at 11:36 p.m., appeared to be centered on the Hayward Fault about six miles south of Oakland. A magnitude-2.3 quake rolled through about five minutes later.  – LA Times

We have reported that the Lions of Zion (LOZ) have set their sights on California as the location of the next major disaster. Does this knowledge bother you? To know if you are a child of Satan or Yahweh, you must ask yourself who are you rooting for? If you want to save the earth and its inhabitants from the bowls of anger, then you are Satan’s child. If you want Mother Yahweh to follow through on administering Her punishment, then you are with Her side.