Mysterious apocalyptic sounds are being heard around the world

Worldwide, more and more people begin to notice … a horrifying sound that moves through the atmosphere.

Kiev, Belarus, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, North Bergen, Victoria B.C., Alkmaar, Maryland, Scandinavia…In recent times, in many cities around the world are being heard the sounds coming from heaven, and that can last more than one hour in some cases.

It is not a new phenomenon and has been observed in previous years.

Is there a logical explanation for this phenomenon?

In 2009, did a research and concluded that it may be an object of enormous proportions. Given the outline that covers the sound and the time / distance it travels, we come to a minimum size of several kilometers. The sound is not produced by a form of propulsion, but it is only the air it produces and is moving forward at a speed of around 150 km/h.

It seems that we are dealing with a gigantic cloaked (invisible) device!

Below a selection of video’s with the mysterious ‘HUM’. (While we at End Times Signs have reported on some of these, this article is brought to you in its entirety as seen on The Truth Behind the Scenes.)

Illinois – August 19, 2011

Michigan – August 19, 2011

Windsor Ontario, Canada – August 16, 2011

Homel Belarus – August 14, 2011

Kiev – August 11, 2011