Huge Storms Hit U.S.

  • Mother and her two daughters killed as flash flood swamps their car with 9ft wall of water
  • Two to three inches of rain fell in just one hour
  • Electricity to hospitals and universities cut off in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Mother and two children and elderly woman die in nine feet wave of water
  • More than a dozen cars submerged in flood water
  • Man dies in Milwaukee as suspected tornado roared across Wisconsin
  • Hundreds of passengers stranded for hours on planes at New York airports
  • New York Subway part suspended as heavy rain pummeled the Northeast
A woman and her two daughter were killed along with an elderly woman after torrential rain saw a main road flooded with up to nine feet of water in rush hour last night as huge storms his the U.S. Kimberly Griffith, 45, and her daughters Brenna, 12, and Mikaela, eight, were trapped in their car which was completely submerged by water and pinned to a tree in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
A fourth person, a 70-year-old woman, disappeared and was found dead this morning after a search by about 40 rescue workers.
Across the Northeast there was weather chaos with severe thunderstorms and between two and three inches of rain in just one hour.

One man died in Milwaukee as a suspected tornado roared across northern Wisconsin cutting off power to around 2,000 homes.

In New York, the Subway service was disrupted as storm and flooding warnings were put in place.

Hundreds of passengers were stranded for hours on airplanes that couldn’t take off from John F Kennedy International Airport because of the severe storms.

The exact number of planes stuck on the tarmac was unclear, but irate passengers reported that it was the second night that flights had been halted because of the weather.

In Pennsylvania, electricity to hospitals and universities was cut off and about a dozen cars were submerged with drivers forced to swim to safety or scramble on to the roofs of their cars as more than two inches of rain fell in an hour flooding Washington Boulevard, a main road that runs parallel to the Allegheny River.

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The LOZ (Lions of Zion, Yahweh’s Elite Warriors) has been successful in that they have been primarily causing collateral damage verses the loss of life. Adding to the monetary loss of this country’s treasury. This being Satan’s throne of authority, the LOZ is nudging him toward his new seat of rulership as he realizes he cannot sustain this country due to the ever mounting debt. The infrastructure – aging bridges, buildings, dams, etc., this all is set for a crumbling-to-ground effect when the LOZ launches its campaign to tremor the fault lines in the USA. That will bring forth the final demise of the already debt ridden nation. They will continue to apply pressure to Satan”s new ruling authority, making it rough water for him to effectively serve as the Antichrist. His unwillingness to relinquish power over his prized child brings with it ramifications he did not expect.