Indians forced to sell organs to survive

In India, not everyone is benefiting from the boom. Tragically, some people are selling their own body parts to survive. And a scarcity of donors means the grim and illegal organ trade is thriving.

­Kala Arumugan lives alone in her tiny, empty apartment in Chennai. Like many Indians who struggle to make ends meet, Kala is constantly in debt, despite selling pretty much everything she has, including her own kidney.

”I went to a broker. He told me that I could sell my kidney. I agreed because I was in a bad situation and my children were small. We did not even have any food to eat,” she said.

When the 2004 tsunami hit the coast of South Asia, Kala was one of hundreds of thousands of people who lost everything. In order to get back on her feet she got a loan that she was later unable to repay.

”We had a lot of debt… I had to borrow money to buy the fishing boat. The people I borrowed money from started asking me for money. They said they would come to our home and embarrass us if we didn’t repay the money,” Kala said.

Desperate and vulnerable tsunami survivors soon became the perfect targets for the illegal organ trade in India that has become known as the “Red Market”.

Every year, 100,000 Indians need organ replacements, a demand that drives an illegal supply, with some organs even being sold to a small percentage of desperate transplant tourists. – RT

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