The Great Dismal Swamp Fire Continues to Burn

The smoke plume from the Great Dismal Swamp fire stayed further east than expected  Saturday, which spared the Route 460 corridor to Petersburg and most of the metropolitan Richmond area from experiencing Code Orange, Code Red or Code Purple particle concentrations.

The Historic Triangle, however, was among the areas affected Saturday along with Suffolk, Isle of Wight, the Peninsula down to Hampton and Newport News and parts of the Northern Neck. Thick smoke was reported Saturday morning in Williamsburg, James City County and York County, where one reside reported a garage smoke alarm being triggered by the plume’s drift.

The fire began August 4, when lightning struck an area of the wildlife refuge that had been burned in the 2008 swamp fire. Grass and brush had begun to grow over the burn scar, but this year’s drought dried out those new plants and soil. Scientists say the burning soil is the source of most of the smoke and particulate. More than 5600 acres have burned in the refuge, which is near the North Carolina border.

“Note that this is not a ‘one and done’ situation,” Salkovitz said. “As long as the fire continues to burn and grow, there will be additional days when Code Orange/Red/Purple conditions affect areas downwind of the fire on any given day. Specifically, whenever the winds at the fire location are from the south, southwest, west, east, or southeast, some areas of Virginia may be adversely affected.” – Williamsburg Yorktown Daily

Exodus 22:6 “When a fire gets out of control, spreads to thornbushes, and consumes stacks of cut grain, standing grain, or a field, the one who started the fire must make full restitution for what was burned.”

Satan is compared in Heaven to a fire that has tried to burn out of control. He has consumed some of the grain of Heaven and of the Earth, and if left unchecked, he would consume the universe of all of creation. Therefore, since he originally started the fire that has blazed a destructive path in parts of Father’s creation, he must be brought under control and made to pay restitution by the very law he shunned as being above. Even Father who is the Creator does not put Herself out from under Her own law. Father follows and adheres to Her own laws. If this were not true She would not have needed a sacrificial atonement for the offspring of Her selected grain that has been ravaged by Satan’s fire.