N. Sulawesi’s Mount Soputan erupts

Mount Soputan in Minahasa, North Sulawesi, emitted a cloud of ash on Sunday morning, reaching 1 kilometer in height.

The volcanic eruption drew the attention of residents of Tompaso district in Minahasa, from which the volcano can be clearly seen.

“I was surprised and panicked seeing the eruption at about 10 a.m. It was a big eruption; the clouds and ash looked very tall; almost the same as those produced in the big eruption several months ago,” said Tompaso resident Riko Tamunu, 24.

He said he was attending church when the eruption occurred, adding that there had been smaller eruptions earlier at about 6 a.m. on Sunday.

Some Tomoso residents also left their houses, churches or other buildings upon hearing the sound of the eruption. Several residents captured the event using their cell phone cameras, tribunnews.com reported. – The Jakarta Post

In addition to volcanic activity caused by Father altering the core of the earth, the heated sea waters in the depths are going to cause large tidal waves as the water becomes enraged in a torrent of activity. The underwater sea life is dying at an alarming rate. First, all things in the seas die. Then in a like manner, all things residing on dry land will follow suit. Those not killed during this tribulation period will be finished off as the cup of wrath over takes them for the judgment of Father’s balance of the scales of justice.