Two New UK Crop Circles Reported August 13, 2011

Knoll Down, Nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire

Crop Circle Connectors

Consider an important part of this crop circle’s cast on its outer edge, and the cutting edges within the circle. It is signified as a circular cutting blade to separate the seed of Father’s Son’s kingdom subjects from the chaff of evil. What is done with chaff? It is useless even in Father’s eyes. Like demons who are considered nothing more than waste for the Abyss, so to are the human waste of this planet represented by the symbolic meanings in the Word and the crop circle signs for all to plainly see.

Proverbs 20:8 “A king sitting on a throne to judge sifts out all evil with his eyes.”

Isaiah 24:13 “For this is how it will be on earth among the nations: like a harvested olive tree, like a gleaning after a grape harvest.”