Magma plume report: A barometer of the planet indicates earth changes are accelerating

The most frequent question I’m asked is how much time do we have left before something major occurs? Not long, as you’ll shortly see. I included this map in my book so everyone could know that magma plumes are the planet’s geologic thermal dissipative features and as such, they are an early-warning sign that entropic processes are accelerating and magma levels are rising uniformly across the planet. Let’s start with Indonesia’s 18 volcanoes that are now on alert and showing above-normal activity- Because of the Java and Coral Sea plumes, we can expect growing unrest from the Merapi Sundoro Dieng volcanic complex, the Taboro, the Gunung Ranakah and Sirung volcanic complex which comprises about 28 volcanic cones. The Canary Island magma plume is also igniting the El Hierro earthquake swarm which has seen more than 750 quakes over a three-week period. The recent spike in volcanic activity at Mount Etna and Stromboli can similarly be attributed to activity at the Etna plume. The rivers of lava that have flowed from the Kilauea volcano, along with the uptick in tremors, including the 3.2 earthquake in July, are indications the Hawaii plume is similarly agitated. We have also seen recent earthquakes off the coast of Oregon from Juan de Fuca, quakes in France from the potential activation of Eifel, and volcanic stirrings in Iceland. There was also a 4.9 earthquake at 10 km just south of Easter Island today. From what we see now, the time-clock that is behind many of these geologic changes appears to be accelerating. That said, Yellowstone is one of the most dangerous plumes on the planet but since its past historical eruptions are said to be linked to movement of the North American tectonic plate across the caldera; I have theorized that this could be a latter-stage event in these earth-changes since thermal forces, themselves, accelerate tectonic plate movements and increase earthquake and volcanic activity.  –The Extinction Protocol

Father, just as She killed off all land dwelling life during the global flood in past time has now extended Her bowls of wrath to destroy not only land or surface dwelling life forms, but also that which is in the seas of this planet. All that you view is tainted by Dawn Lucifer’s vile hand of sin. The plant life. The rock formations. The very water, the foods, and each breath of air you each consume on a daily basis is impure in Father’s eyes. This is because the entire world has become impure with the imprint Dawn Lucifer Satan the Devil has placed upon Father’s works brought forth by Michael the Archangel from olden times. Because of this branding of Satan’s imprint upon the creation he coveted without rightful ownership, it must all be destroyed. This world is not only beyond mankind’s and Dawn Lucifer’s repair, it is also like a person with terminal cancer. The dying process of what is upon this planet earth cannot be halted. The earth itself will endure forever, but everything upon and within this planet is slated for destruction.