Obama’s Coup Follows Path of Hitler’s Enabling Law

Last night, under the influence of a terror campaign by Obama and his British and Wall Street backers, a majority of the US House of Representative signed off on a Hitler coup against the U.S. Constitution. Under this coup, the Congress will, as a first step, no longer have the power to decide on matters of spending—a specific violation of Section 1 of the nation’s governing document. And that’s just the beginning.

The specific measure which will eliminate the power of the Legislative Branch, is called by Obama the “Super-Congress.” The SuperCongress will be composed of a 12-person board drawn from the Senate and the House, evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. This board’s immediate mandate would be to decide upon $1.5 trillion in budget cuts, both from entitlements (Social Security and Medicare) and defense. The proposals are required to be submitted by Nov. 23 of this year—and to be submitted to an up or down vote, with no filibuster allowed, within the month.

If the cuts are not agreed to, a so-called “enforcement” mechanism kicks in, which automatically triggers the $1.5 trillion in cuts, with alleged protections for Social Security Medicare beneficiaries, and the poor.

In other words, regardless of what the Congress decides, the cuts worked out by Obama and his cronies go into effect! Obama has made the Congress irrelevant.

With these provisions, Obama and his British backers are attempting to fill the loopholes in their previous attempted coup through the Catfood Commission. When that Commission failed to agree on a cut package to be submitted to Congress, the cuts died on the vine. Not this time, if Obama gets his way.

The Obama SuperCongress measure directly mirrors the Hitler Enabling Law (Ermaechtigungsgesetz) of March 1933, by which the German Reichstag “democratically” voted to give Hitler emergency powers by passing the “Law for Removing the Distress of People and Reich,” which gave Hitler the right to govern on his own, and in contravention to the Constitution, without consulting the parliament for a period of four years.

How was it done? The parliamentarians “made a deal.”

Specifically, the crucial agreement with Hitler was concluded with the Centre Party, headed by a Catholic priest named Ludwig Kaas. Kaas agreed to deliver votes for Hitler in exchange for assurances of protections for religious liberties and the continued existence of the Centre Party. Hitler acceded, promising to memorialize the guarantees in writing. The letter of guarantee wasn’t forthcoming, but Kaas fulfilled his part of the bargain, on the promise that the letter was being drafted. Not surprisingly, it never came.

At that point, the vote was assured. Only 84 Social Democrats (their ranks diminished by arrests) opposed the Enabling Act. The Centre Party and the National People’s Party decided to take Hitler at his word, permitting him to act on behalf of the parliament, including passing laws which deviated from the Constitution “as long as they do not affect the institutions of the Reichstag and Reichsrat,” and maintained the rights of the President.

The guarantees, as any sane person could see, were a farce. Within three months of the passage of the Enabling Act, all political parties but the Nazis had been banned. Hitler did not rule alongside the parliament, but effectively superseded it. It only met 12 times over the next 12 years—including the two sessions when it renewed the Enabling Act.

Only a cowardly idiot would not see the handwriting on the wall with Obama’s Hitler coup today. – LaRouche

Satan’s new plan to save his prized child by making the country sound and healthy through newly gained wealth is now known as the “Bio Plan of the Ages.”

Through massive depopulation of the people living on this planet, and the diabolical plan extending to robbing the deceased populations of their wealth is already in the first stages of the plan. Depopulation – re-distribution of existing wealth – Rebuilding of the United States as the satellite example of all other nations born into the New Age of Satan’s “rectification”.

Following the PLAN Adolf Hitler originally wanted for the entire world is what is now in progress. The United States representing the Superior Race of Intellect – leading the way. The Middle East will become a “ghost town” for the taking of its valuable resources. Africa will lose its enormous wealth that has been deprived from its own struggling class of people. The process will continue as the United States progressively exterminates, loots, and moves into position as the World’s dominating power structure of this age. Much of the U.S. population is also about to be depopulated.

Psalm 2:2 “The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers conspire together against the LORD and His Anointed One.”

They have to know the TRUTH in order to conspire against Yahweh and Christ to try and remain in power. The TRUTH is now coming out about what they know, whether they like it or not. “And the rulers” are not the “kings” i.e., they are not the ones believed to be in power; they are instead – THE REAL POWERS that run things on this planet. Kings = Presidents and other heads of State that are just mere puppets with their strings pulled by the real rulers in power, who in turn are the puppets of the great puppet master – Satan. He pulls their strings. The “Rulers” are the Ruling Class of seek to have first, World domination, and then to force the other nations to submit to warring against the Holy side in a War they hope will lead to eventual domination of all of creation.