Air Force suspends 20-year-old training programme – because it quotes verses from the Bible

The Air Force has suspended a course that nuclear missile launch officers were required to take because the material included Bible passages.

The course, called ‘Christian Just War Theory’ was taught by chaplains at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, and used Scripture from both the Old and New Testaments to show missile launch officers that it can be moral to go to war.

David Smith, spokesman for the Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command, says the course will be revised after complaints about its use of Bible passages to show that it can be moral to go to war.

Mr Smith says that approach is now considered inappropriate in a pluralistic society.

He says the Air Force felt the training was needed for officers who might be called upon to launch nuclear missiles because of the nature of the job’.

It had been taught for more than 20 years and is currently under review by Air Force officials who will determine whether or not to revise the material or end the class.

According to Fox, the watchdog group, Military Religious Freedom Foundation, said the course violated the constitutional separation of church and state and filed a complaint last Wednesday on behalf of 31 missile launch officers – both instructors and students.

The class was suspended the same day the complaint was filed.

Mr Smith told Fox News: ‘In an effort to serve all faiths, we try to introduce none in our briefings and our lectures.

‘Once we heard there were concerns, we looked at the course and said we could do better.’

Mikey Weinstein, the president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, hailed the military’s decision to suspend the course.

He said: ‘We’re very pleased that the Air Force did it. Had they not done that, we would have filed an immediate class-action lawsuit in federal court to force their hand.’

Mr Weinstein said the officers who complained are Protestant and Roman Catholics, noting the class was simply ‘unconstitutional training’.

‘The United States Air Force was promoting a particular brand of right-wing fundamentalist Christianity.

‘The main essence was that war is a natural part of the human experience and it’s something that is favoured by this particular perspective of the New Testament.’

Senior counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice David French disagrees, and claims it is just ‘another attempt to cleanse American history of its religious realities’.

He told Fox News: ‘Just-War theory has been a vital part of American military history for the last several hundred years.

‘This is about cleansing religion from the public square and building a completely secular society and military.’ – Mail Online

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