Oklahoma Heat-Related Deaths Now at 12

TULSA, Oklahoma — The number of confirmed heat-related deaths in Oklahoma is now 12, with autopsies pending in 10 other cases.

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It’s dangerous enough above 100 degrees, but now with temperatures above 110, it’s even more life threatening. And this is our 30th day with triple digit temperatures.

Matt Cooksey is waiting in the heat for a bus that will take him to work. When it’s 100 degrees it’s tough enough. Now, above 110, the heat is threatening records and threatening even more lives.

“It’s life risking, having to walk down the road or chase after a bus,” Cooksey said.

Cooksey lives at the Tulsa County Emergency Shelter, which is one of Tulsa’s three cooling stations.

“Real thankful because it gives a chance for people who are less fortunate or homeless are able to cool off,” he said.

As the temperature goes up, Dr. John Jennings says anxiety does too.

“When you have individuals that don’t have air conditioning, and don’t partake of enough fluids, then the body can’t cool itself,” Dr. Jennings said.

While some people think there’s really no difference between 107 and 113, Doctor Jennings says don’t be mistaken. The hotter it gets the possibility of getting overheated increases.

“When the core body temperature gets to 106 degrees it causes catastrophic problems,” he says.

EMSA has now issued 21 heat alerts. – Newson6

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