Piles of dead fish have once again started surfacing along the Rio Grande, New Mexico – 1st Aug 2011

Something killed a lot of fish in the Rio Grande River overnight Sunday and New Mexico Game and Fish officers believe it had to do with heavy rain and forest fires upstream.

Carp, catfish and white suckers were found dead as doornails in the Rio Grande Monday morning when Mercy Brandenburg and her husband took the dogs for a walk at the river’s edge in Rio Rancho.

“We started looking in the river and pretty much everywhere you see you can see dead fish lying around. We also walked down the river south and same situation…same scenario…fish everywhere,” Brandenburg explained.

Game and Fish officials were testing the river water’s acidity along with the oxygen level Monday. The levels were found normal, but officials said they might not have been normal upriver Sunday night.

A Jemez Mountains stream was seen black as asphalt and loaded with ash from the Las Conchas fire. The stream feeds straight into the Rio Grande.

Game and Fish officials said there are many more streams in the same condition in the Jemez.

“A lot of things, whether it be ash or whatever, got washed into the river very quickly and probably in a certain spot…it kind of… it depleted the oxygen so much that the fish couldn’t survive,” said New Mexico Game and Fish official Rick Castel.

Officials said they see this kind of fish kill pretty frequently, but usually in lakes and not in a flowing river. – KOB.com

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