Catastrophism in the Ring of Fire: seven 6.0+ earthquakes in eight days

I’ve identified four areas on the Pacific Plate that have been a source of an inordinate amount of recent strong earthquake activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire. We’ve had seven 6.0+ magnitude earthquake events in eight days. I theorize that this spike in activity portends that a major geological event may be in the making in the Pacific. In June, I indicated that there was mounting evidence that we may be moving towards a period of geologic catastrophism in regard to rising agitation along the Pacific Plate. The 4 areas I’ve circled on the above map include the Aleutian peninsula or trench of Alaska, the Japan Islands, the New Guinea and Fiji region, and the last leg is the Tonga-Kermadec and New Zealand region. What all these regions on the Pacific Plate have in common is that they are densely populated with a turbulent chain of volcanoes. Since the western part of the plate is facing the most seismic stress, this leads me to believe the forces driving this are magmatic in nature and are the result of a thermal flux related to the internal planetary gradient. In short, if this whole region was a volcano, it’s now exhibiting signs of a major eruption. The sea-floor under the Atlantic Ocean is spreading and there is a lot of subduction going on in the Pacific where land masses are converging in some case but what’s alarming is something may be accelerating this process. – The Extinction Protocol

In addition to volcanic activity caused by Father altering the core of the earth, the heated sea waters in the depths are going to cause large tidal waves as the water becomes enraged in a torrent of activity. The underwater sea life is dying at an alarming rate. First, all things in the seas die. Then in a like manner, all things residing on dry land will follow suit. Those not killed during this tribulation period will be finished off as the cup of wrath over takes them for the judgment of Father’s balance of the scales of justice.

Do you understand what is happening? Father is undoing Her creation in the order She had Michael prepare it. This planet which I witnessed the creation of was formed by volcanic activity. The very things used by Michael in nature, the natural order of Father to create paradise are now being used to destroy what Dawn Lucifer has tainted. The final blow comes to mankind itself, because mankind was last on the list of the creative works.

If you bought an acre of land and built a house on it, and you had renters that abused your home to the point it must be torn down, you keep the acre, but you build a new house after you evict those who abused your house rules.

Dawn Lucifer and his demons are increasing hostilities against the Cherubic Order deputies. Battles are constantly taking place by the archenemy of Father and Her family as we work to bring forth Father’s will. They are desperate to halt the closing time-line Father has ordained.