Freak weather forces waterfall to flow UPWARDS

Extreme weather has been battering Australia this week.

Winds have become so strong that waterfalls have been blown upwards.

The strong winds, which are seriously affecting the waterways of southern Australia, have gone up to 75mph.

Earlier this week, Sydney saw a month’s worth of rain falling in just one day, according to the BBC.

Although the ferries which hundreds of commuters rely on have kept running, they have provided rocky rides for those brave enough to keep travelling on them.

Waves have reached 5m off the area’s coast.

These winds are the latest in a long-running bout of extreme weather in Australia, where 25 people died in floods which raged throughout the winter.

John Magrath, a climate change researcher at Oxfam, said: ‘The Earth is delivering a message to us.

‘And the message is that more extreme weather is becoming the norm rather than the exception.’ – DailyMail

It’s more than the earth that is delivering the message, and there is definitely a message. Extreme weather has become the norm because we are currently in the Tribulation, and have been now for several years. And Yahweh, who is also Mother Nature, delivers Her messages via Her nature. We are a world under judgment – every nation on the planet – and Yahweh will continue to deliver Her wrath until the time Armageddon begins.