Volcanic Activity Heats up in Iceland and Italy

Mt. Etna erupts with fountains of lava

Iceland’s gotten all the press of late, but there are other volcanoes in the world. One of the more famous ones, Italy’s Mount Etna, spent Monday night into Tuesday morning sending up cascading fountains of lava and throwing out car-sized molten rocks. The volcano’s southeast crater began to show fractures on the Monday afternoon, says volcanologist Tom Pfeiffer, who leads volcano tours through Volcano Discovery. At just after midnight Tuesday morning it began to mildly erupt and the tour group walked to a viewpoint on the rim of the Valle del Bove. At around 2:30 am the volcano began to send up fountins of lava 1,600 feet into the air, Pfeiffer said via email from Italy. “At the peak of the eruption at around 3 am, the fountains pulsated between an estimated 500-800 m height, with large incandescent bombs visible more than 1 kilometer above the vent and landing behind southeast crater,” he wrote. “The fountains gradually decreased by around 4 am and the activity turned into exploding giant lava bubbles, detonating with loud noise, and throwing large bombs up to 1 km in spherical directions above the crater. This activity slowly waned until dawn. While the fountains lasted, the crater wall was completely covered by incandescent lava.” – USA Today

New cauldrons form in Mýrdalsjökull glacier over Katla volcano

According to the news here in Iceland there have been a formation of at least three new cauldrons in Mýrdalsjökull glacier, where they have not been before in the glacier. But this means that the hydrothermal areas under the glacier are growing in size due to new magma pushing up into the crust and warming it up. This has been revealed after a daily checking of the status on the glacier. But the current cauldrons that formed on the 8 and 9th July have also deepened according to the same news. A lot of deep cracks are also forming in Mýrdalsjökull glacier, making the south part of the glacier extremely dangerous at current moment. There is also risk of minor glacier flood from water collecting under the glacier (both really small and slightly larger ones). But water might be collecting in ice-caves under the glacier and break free without any warning at all. The Civil Emergency Authority in Iceland warns against travelling in this area on Mýrdalsjökull glacier. The reason why this is happening is the fact that hydrothermal activity is increasing under Mýrdalsjökull glacier in Katla volcano. But this is a clear sign that Katla volcano is warming up to a eruption. When that might happen is still a question with no answers. Currently there is no good way to know what happens in regards to possible glacier floods due to this increased hydrothermal activity in Katla volcano. But floods are expected to take place without any warning now in this area. – Jonfr.com

Yahweh works in a slow and progressive manner. For months our Ministry has advised to keep an eye on seismic and volcanic activity. These things are signs of what is yet to come. Father entered the core of this planet with Her presence during the time this ministry had begun (2006). Her purpose was to heat the core so that the planet would be aided in the cycle that has been taking place with carbon emissions. To heat the core to the point that it must spew forth its heated lava from all of the volcanoes on this planet. When this occurs, many will curse God because they will know Father has abandoned the human race. But fear not children, Father has not forgotten Her remnant of faithful servants. However, it will be a severe test on all that reside on this planet. The volcanoes beneath the oceans and boiling the waters in the lower depths in preparation for the cataclysmic event that will be in unison with the other volcanoes around the globe.